Hey Everyone,

So far Week #2 has been a bit smoother than Week #1.  We got outsde the walls a couple times again this week.  Last Thursday we had to go to Immigration to fill out more papers and stuff – to try to get residency.  The Perú Immigrations building is like “the DMV x 23640 million.”  It is crazy in here and we all kind of had to figure it out by ourselves because they won’t let any of the teachers and leaders past certain points.  Also, there are a ton of cats that just mob around in the buildings, I don’t know why.  The best part about this trip was that I was one of the first kids to finish, so me and 3 Latino Elders went down to try and find the spot on the first floor where we were supposed to meet up with everyone.  When we walked down, we heard this lady on the other side of the exit yelling “Elders!”  The other Missionaries were convinced she was our bus driver, so we went outside but it turned out to just be a lady trying to sell passport covers, (for a ridiculously, cheap price. I bought one.)  They wouldn’t let us back in the building so we just walked around for about a half an hour looking for the bus.  Perú is so rad, there are a bunch of little shops everywhere.  So, while we were waking around, I both a few snacks and stuff.  Finally, we found everyone but before we go on the bus, they gave us all a huge lecture on how we can’t buy any food from vendors on the street ‘cuz it can make you way sick, lol.  I haven’t gotten sick yet though, so I think I will be fine.

On the Bus with Elder McRamey

On the bus with Elder McRamey

The CCM (MTC) isn’t to bad although another Elder is going home this week.  From 10 people to 7 people in the first two weeks has never happened here to a district, so I guess that makes us like 1 in a million.  I have been here at the CCM for 12 days and that is 36 meals so far.  I can honestly say that about 30 of the those meals have been Arroz con Pollo (Chicken and Rice) and sometimes potatoes or some other type of a vegetable.  Class aren’t to bad here either, I am learning so much.  We do everything we can though to make the CCM fun. During our free time, for exercise, we usually play fútbol, which I am starting to figure out or doubles sand volleyball.  Also, we make a ton of small wagers about random stuff.  For example, Elder Gutierrez ate 40 rolls for dinner the other night, so 3 kids received a haircut in the bathroom that night with plastic crayola scissors.  Also, another kid who lost a bet ate a plantain, peel and everything – plantains are nasty until you fry them. … Pretty much anything to keep us busy.

About 50 Latinos and 30 Gringos (USA) Elders and Hermanas left yesterday which is kind of a bummer because I became way good friends with a lot of them, especially the Latinos.  I think there are a few groups coming in today sometime as well or may already be here.  I just haven’t seen anyone new yet.  Also, I think Sister Kyleigh Pay is in this incoming group, which will be nice to see a familiar face. (update: Just saw Hermana Pay, cool to see someone from my home ward.  She is going to serve in the Peru Piura Mission.)

The Trujillo Norte District with Pres. & Sis. Marler

The Trujillo Norte District at CCM
with Pres. & Sis. Marler

Another way rad thing that happened this week was that our Mission President came to visit our Trujillo Norte District.  They never visit the missionaries in the CCM but they said they were in the area for a meeting and just felt like they should come and visit us.  As a district we needed it because of the craziness of what has been going on.  They are very nice people and I am stoked to be serving in their Mission.

My testimony that this is the true church and that I have been called of God to preach his Gospel, grows each day.  I can feel the power of the Atonement everyday.  Some in my district have struggled, but I have been fine.  I have loved every day so far and can’t wait to get into the field.

Elder Turner

More Pictures on the site.

P.S. Someone jack-up Bowcutt for me.

A few extras Wyatt told us about:

  • We get to go to the Temple every week, in Spanish.
  • Yes, I love the Mission.  Not trying to be mean or anything but I haven’t been homesick once.  Everyday feels like I have a purpose for the day.  I don’t get bored. Its kinda like EFY here at the CCM.
  • Typical day includes: Lots of classes and study time. We have an hour and a half each day for excersise and to get back in church clothes again.  Also we teach about two lessons a day to “investigators” that the CCM hires.  We aren’t allowed to talk in English on Tuesday, Thursday and half of Saturday – at all!
  • Mom: “You got a haircut, mandatory or choice…do you like it?”  Wyatt: “A bit of both, but like everyone had to get one on the first day.  It’s fine, I like it.”
  • To Maverick:  I met this guy who rides around on one of those Nacho
    Libre bike/trike/motorcycle/scooter things. (They are actually pretty
    popular down here.)
  • To Hudson: P-day today, so I ate some empanadas from this rad market we go to every P-day.  They were really good. But we mainly eat chicken and rice… everyday!
  • To Dad: I love it here.  Spanish is easy.  The Church is true.  Latínos are a
    super receptive people.