Another week accomplished out here in Perú!  This week was kinds a roller coaster of things, but I came out all right.  To start off I got pretty sick this week.  It started on Sunday and got worse and worse.  The good old diarrhea and vomiting with some pretty bad stomach pains.  Also, we went down to Trujillo this week.  The bus ride down to Trujillo was kinda the worst thing ever ‘cuz I was already way sick and I was in a rickety old bus for 8 hours going back and forth down a mountain.  This was probably the worst 8 hour bus ride, but it’s chill.  When I finally got to Trujillo, Presidents and Sister Marler had me just come to their home to get some medicine and sleep to get better.  This was rad of them because I really did need some help.  They are the best.  I love them so much and I am bummed I’m not going to be able to have them for my whole mission.  But yea, I was way sick and there were a few days that I couldn’t really eat anything and I lost more than a few pounds, but thanks to the Marlers, I’m all better now.


Some random things from this week: I’m getting kinds sick of chicken hearts.  The feed us them almost everyday and I’m not to big of a fan of them.  They are weird and squishy and yea… I don’t love them.  Also, we have different assignments with the missionaries in our zone.  This week, I was assigned as “fútbol” leader.  Pretty much, I just coordinate with the stadium what days our zone wants to play soccer in the mornings.  It’s pretty rad.  We usually play 3 times a week as a zone in a big, old stadium here in Cajamarca.  Also, I don’t think there is a single clean water source in all of Perú, so we have to buy water like 3 times a day.  I will take that a million times over dying of dysentery.

Good old Mickey D's

Good old Mickey D’s

As for my food highlight of the week, we got to go to McDonalds our last night in Trujillo.  Back home I didn’t Mickey D’s.  It’s so different here.  In Trujillo, it is like a way nice, expensive restaurant.  The menu is smaller and different.  I got a double-cheeseburger, large fries and a large chocolate McFlurry.  It was soooo good.  It also was the first American food I have had in like two months.  But for reals, Mickey D’s is prime here.

The best part about this week was that I got to go to the Temple.  It was great.  The Trujillo Temple is huge and it’s so pretty, both inside and outside.  You can feel the spirit so strong just being around it.  The inside is way rad too.  I love the peace and clarity you feel there.  I know Temples are where the Lord dwells on the earth.


Another way rad part about this week we got to perform as a Mission choir and do some special musical numbers for the public in the “Plaza de Armas” in Trujillo.  The Plaza de Armas is this huge plaza that is like the social city center for all of Trujillo.  It’s big and always packed with people.  We performed for an hour and a half.  I never liked singing that much, but this was way rad.  The Spirit was so strong and every one was so stoked, especially all the people watching.  At the end, we had Santa come with a big bag of candy.  This props wasn’t the best idea ‘cuz like some little Peruvian kids jumped Santa and were like wrestling each other for the candy.  Luckily, Santa survived and everything was okay.  But it seriously was a way cool night and event.

The work is still great.  We are teaching a lot and my Spanish is getting better.  Merry Christmas to everyone, I hop you all enjoy you Holidays and remember the true meaning of Christmas.

Elder Turner

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