Wayyyyy rad and eventful week. Lots of solid things going on right now in the mission. Stoked to here and be a missionary right now.

To start off, for P-Day (preparation day) we went to this rad place called “la Culpa de Cajamarca.” It’s like this way cool, modern, utopia farm/ranch. The animals and crops and everything all live together and roam free in this big area. There are horses, dogs, sheep, pigs, ducks, rabbits, turkeys, chickens, goats, and a bunch of others, but the coolest part is the cows. They each have names like Nancy, John, Fernando, Bill, etc… and when you call their names they come right up to each of their individual stalls to be milked. We also played some American Football. It is way funny to watch the Latinos try. “La Culpa” is a pretty rad place.

La Culpa Ranch in Cajamarca

La Culpa Ranch in Cajamarca

Also this week, I traveled to Lima for my visa. We left from the Cajamarca airport, which is this tiny airport that barely even has a runway, at like 5:30 on Tuesday morning. I went with Elder Hunt (from Burley, ID), Elder Tarqui (from La Paz Bolivia), and Elder Mendoza (from Galapagos Islands, Ecuador). They are all way rad Elders. We landed in Lima, met up with the Trujillo North Missionaries and went straight to Immigrations for about 5 hours. It kinda sucked but it’s chill, ‘cuz I got my visa and I’m legal now. After Immigrations, the 4 Cajamarca area missionaries went to eat and go through a session at the Lima Temple, while the other Trujillo area missionaries went straight back to the airport to fly back, lol. The Temple was awesome as usual. After the Temple, a chaufeur/taxi driver from the Church came and picked us up and took us to what I am positive is the nicest hotel in all of Perú. He dropped us off, got us squared away and told us to go us to the rooms, get showered and stuff, and later to come down and eat in the waaaaay “pituco”(or fancy) and classy hotel restaurant.

Elder Mendoza

Elder Mendoza (Galapagos Islands, Ecuador)

Hotel in Lima

Hotel Restaurant in Lima

The rooms were dope. As for the food… yea. It was sooooo good. Best meal I have had in months. After that we went straight to bed ‘cuz we had to wake up at 2:30 am the next day to catch our flight back to Cajamarca. It was a rad 2 days, but I did miss teaching.

Some other things from this week… We went to teach an investigator in one of the the poorer parts of our area. (note: As a missionary, you are given a geographical area where you serve, until you are “transferred” to another area.) We couldn’t teach him in his house for some reason, so instead we taught him out in the dirt street. It was a great lesson! But, I was kinda distracted because his neighbor was outside as well, killing sheep, I’m guessing for food. It’s a way strange process. They flip the sheep on it’s back, with its head over a bucket, then slit the throat. Then they take this tiny plastic hose thing with a needle and stick it into an artery in the leg and blow on the tube to push all the blood out. Then they cut it all open and all the meat and stuff. So yea, I was a bit distracted. Also, today is transfers. I’m not going any where and neither is my companion, Elder Dorado, ‘cuz I’m still in training but yea, all the new people get here tomorrow.

Baptism this week.

Baptism this week.

For the HIGHLIGHT, HIGHLIGHT, HIGHLIGHT of the week, we had a baptism this Saturday. It’s this waaaayyyy rad young guy that we have been working with lot. He is so solid and loving. He isn’t the most loud and outspoken person but he has a powerful testimony. He isn’t married but he wants to be the best dad he can be for his little daughter. His baptism was a way moving and spiritual experience. He was happier than I have ever seen him before. We try not to perform the baptisms ourselves as missionaries, unless the person asks us to. As missionaries we are not gonna be around permanently, but the members are. Luckily this great returned missionary has been coming with us in our lessons, so he was able to baptize him. The baptism was way cool and was one of the most important and spiritual experiences. My favorite part of all of this, though, was watching his conversion. It was watching as he came to understand his purpose in life, watching as he came to recognize the joy and peace this Gospel brings. And most importantly, watching as he began to see what he needed to do to become the best father he could be.

Solid Week!

Elder Turner

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Extras from Elder Turner this week:

  • Favorite scripture read was Mormon 6:17.  “O ye fair ones, how could ye have departed from the ways of the Lord!” The whole chapter is so good about how we need to rely on God and Christ in the good times, in the bad times, and always.
  • Made it to Lima and back without taking a trip to Chile for a few days.
  • Love and miss you guys I’m so stoked right now though!
  • As always…. his advice to everyone, “Don’t be dumb!”