Ya, another week already gone. No one ever told me that time moves faster south of the equator, but it does.  Though it was fast, it was still a pretty sick week. Lots of good stuff happening right now.

To start off, we had another way rad Preparation Day (P-Day) as a zone this we.  We took busses up into the mountains to this rad little pueblo call Llakanora.  It’s tiny and the only paved road is a square around the city center, lol.  It’s cool though and the people are so nice, but even radder than the 40 feet of paved roads is the waterfalls and mountains you can hike.  We all packed a lunch and started out up the mountain.  There were some of the coolest waterfalls I have seen.  After about an hour and a half of hiking we reached the peak of the mountain.  It was pouring rain.  There were wild dogs that I accidentally fed and then they followed me for the next couple of hours.  I love all the missionaries here.   I love Cajamarca and how just pure it is.   The day ended with the folk of Llakanora coming out to throw water balloons at the foreigners for Carnivales and then we headed home happy and wet.

Llakanora Trail and Waterfall

Llakanora Trail and Waterfall

Also this week President and Sister Marler came up to Cajamarca.   We had interview with President Marler, which were awesome and a fireside (talk) with the entire Cajamarca stake.  I love the interview with Pres. Marler.   You can learn so much and it just is like a boost that gets you way stoked to work and serve.   The fireside was so spiritual and we had a lot people attend.  Pres. Marler spoke and everyone could just feel the spirit that he brought.  It’s always a bummer when President and Sister Marler have to head back down to Trujillo, but I can feel their love for each one of us all the way up in Cajamarca (8 hours away.)  They are the best.

Pres. and Sister Marler, Elder Dorado and Me

Pres. and Sister Marler, Elder Dorado and Me

Some other stuff, I finally got all the letters from everyone in the mail (the Christmas package.)  A lot of it was for Christmas but it’s chill. I love it. Thanks to all the homies who sent stuff.  It means a lot.

Tambien, this week is the last week before transfers.  This Sunday we hear from the President about what’s gonna happen.  We find out if we will be staying in the same area, getting a new companion or training.  The last change I wasn’t too concerned because I was still in training and knew that there would be no changes for me.  But this time, I have no idea what is gonna happen.  I hope I stay in Cajamarca.  I love everything here, but I know whatever happens will be the best and is what God wants for me. Just stoked to see what happens.

This week I spoke in our Sacrament meeting (church) with the Stake President.  I’m sure I messed up my Spanish a bunch, but it was rad.  I spoke about faith. How it is much more than just believing but really how it is acting as well.  We met with someone who the missionaries have been teaching since before I got here.  She just never felt ready to commit to baptism.  This week, we talked a lot about Christ and what it means to have true faith in him.  As she began to not only believe in him, but exercise faith in him as well, her testimony grew.  Baptism was no longer something she had to do, but something she wanted to do.  Really this type of faith changes lives.  We taught a man who we have been working with, who is probably the poorest person I know, who works every day for pennies to support his family.  This week, we taught him the law of tithing (donating 10% of all our income to help support the work of the Lord, build chapels, print scriptures, and help those in need.)  At first he laughed and asked what we could see that he could donate.  But we read Malachi 3:8-10…

8. Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings.

9. Ye are cursed with a curse: for ye have robbed me, even this whole nation.

10. Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

..and then asked him to show just a little faith and watch as the blessings from heaven poured down.  Faith is the key to everything.  It leads to true happiness and to greater covenants with God, such as baptism and receiving the Holy Ghost.  We just do our part then watch as the blessings pour down.  Believe then act!  Do it.  Get the blessings.  Be happy.  ’til next week.


Elder Turner

Extras from Elder Turner this week:

  • Shout-out to Rook, my little bro. Happy 13th Birthday this week.
  • Hey Hudson,
    Thanks so much for your letter.  I’m sorry about your head but I’m glad you are tough and all better. Tell mom to let you drive my car while I’m in Peru, but only you. Stop falling and getting hit by backpacks.  And don’t worry, I’m not being dumb.  Talk to you next week.
    Love, Wyatt
  • Quick words for the youth:
    The youth down here are wayyyyy rad.  If I have advice for youth back home it is; kneel down really for yourself, and figure out if this Gospel is true.  A lot of you are all ready doing these things, just don’t do them in vain, do them ‘cuz you really want to know.