Time is going by way too fast.  I have been on my Mission for almost 5 months now.  It’s kinda crazy but it’s rad. If you are working hard, time flys by.  But yea, another way rad week.

To start off, I am way stoked because I am staying another change/transfer (2 months) in this area.  I’m staying with my same companion Elder Dorado, from Bolivia.  This is great because we kind of have each other figured out (with how we teach and just how we are.)  I feel like we were just preparing everything in this area at the first transfers and the beginning of the second, and now we are seeing everything happen.  I am so glad.  Also, this change is gonna be weird because, rather that the normal 6 weeks, it’s going to be 8 weeks.  I not exactly sure why, but it’s only for this change, so yea.  But I am stoked. It will be sick to see what happens in the next 8 weeks with all of the people we are teaching.

Santa Polonia

Santa Polonia

There is like this historical Chapel / Cross up on the side of the mountain near our area, called Santa Polonia.  I am not sure why, but the other morning,we decided to run up to it for exercise.  So we woke up and headed out.  After like 10 seconds of running we had 15 dogs chasing after us biting at our ankles.  Also, turns out that Santa Polonia is way farther away and higher up than we thought.  So we were late for breakfast.  But overall it was definitely worth it.  I still feel it a bit in my legs but the view was so rad.  You can see all of Cajamarca and everything seems so calm.  Pretty sick morning exercise.



Some other things that have been going on:

  • We went to the mall as a district on our P-Day (preparation day) and the Hermanas (Sister Missionaries) managed to spend like 3 hours in 1 store.  But it’s all good because the mall had a Pizza Hut, who is way expensive here, but way good.
  • I have woken up the past three nights in a row with terrible leg cramps.  But it’s chill, I am starting to eat more bananas.

As for the work, it’s going great.  These past few weeks we were able to reactivate 5 different people.  One, when I first met him, told me pretty much to go to h*** and that Sundays are the only day he has customers in his store and that he wasn’t gonna give it all up for a “fairy-tale.”  But step by step, he was able to trust in the Lord more and more.  He grew his testimony to the point where he took that big step of faith to close his store and start living the commandments he knew were true.  He hasn’t worked a Sunday in the past month and he hasn’t lacked anything.  In fact, he is making more money.  Fewer people come into his store, but some how there is always enough for him.  It doesn’t make sense on paper, but he knows the Lord is blessing him.  Also, we have a baptism this week.  She has been preparing and finally one day, she just poured her heart out to the Lord to know if the Gospel is true.  The next day, when we came to visit her, she just had the biggest smile on her face.  She told us of how every time since that prayer that she thinks about the church or bapstism, she just becomes overwhelmed with this joy she can’t describe.  I have seen people who feel like there is nothing that truly matters in life change their entire perspective.  Every day is another spiritual experience.  So many people think we are here to claim baptisms or have more people in the chapel each Sunday, but it is so much more than that.  Really the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is the key to happiness.  Not the happiness that the world offers, which is just for a passing moment, but a happiness that lasts for forever, here in this life and for the eternities after.

Being in Peru is rad.  Climbing mountains, seeing waterfalls, and learning a new culture is rad. But better that anything is seeing people recognize the true happiness this Gospel brings and seeing them grab hold of it.  That is why I am here and that’s why I love it.


Elder Turner

Extras from his family letter this week:

  • I love being a missionary.  It’s hard, but it’s easy.  Every night I climb into my bed more tired than ever but I am always just so happy.  I’m definitely not a perfect missionary but I’m really trying my hardest to do my best.  I can’t describe how rewarding the work is.  I love teaching the Gospel and I love to see people use their faith to overcome challenges.
  • Advice to his younger brothers:
    • If I could give some advice to Slade, Jed, Rook, Hudson, and Maverick, it would be to pray always.  Not just like a trite quick prayer like you do before bed, but to really kneel and take the time to express how you feel, what you are grateful for, and what you need.  Make an effort and make it real.
    • Do well in school and study a lot.
    • Have fun with the family, because strangely enough they are the ones you will miss the most.
    • Eat lots of In-n-Out ‘cuz you don’t know where you are gonna serve someday.