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Week 25-26 | Visit to Cajamarca, New Apartment, and Awesome Lessons!

Well like I’m way stoked because we had transfers and I found out that I’m staying here until Elder Boren finishes his mission this next change. So, I’m here in Chota for another 3 months, sí o sí. Yeah, I don’t know why I started off with that but I just really am stoked. I love Elder Boren and I love Choto.

Yeah, so this has been a way red week like always. Last P-day was fun. We went down to Cajamarca and visited with President and Sister Marler. We played these random fun games, but the best part was just being with them and the Zone. President and Sister Marler are the best; it’s weird to think I will not have them after these next 2 transfers. They end their mission in July and we get a new president, President Marble. Sad but stoked, the Marlers are the best.

Pres. and Sister Marler, Elder Dorado and Me

Me and Pres. and Sis. Marler a few months ago.

It’s also been a hectic week though. We got kicked out of our apartment and had to find a new one. But it’s chill because our new room is way bigger, nicer, and sicker. Also the secretary of the mission accidentally cut our cell phone line 5 days ago and we still haven’t gotten it back yet. It’s hard in Chota when you don’t have a cell phone. Right now, we are borrowing a phone from a member.

New Chota Apartment

New Chota Apartment

New Chota Apartment

New Chota Apartment

Random scripture find of the week, 2 Kings 2:22-25. It’s pretty funny, LOL.

We had so many great lessons this week, but there is one that was so awesome. We have this cool member, Brother Percy, who decided to fast with us on Saturday. He then spent the whole day with us visiting people. We had 5 appointments scheduled for that afternoon and all of them cancelled last minute. We walked around all day and barely talked to one person. At the end of the night, we just felt like we should go visit this one guy that was kinda gnarly and way hard to teach and kind of hard of heart. We went and we saw a miracle happen that night to Brother Percy and to this guy. We faced some of the most combative and hard questions I have ever heard. But we received such spiritual answers and strength, things I don’t even remember. Hermano Percy testified with power and we were so shocked at the change we saw in this man we were teaching. I said things I have never even thought about and explained doctrine I didn’t fully understand before now. The gospel gives power. God loves us and helps us in the very moment we need it. Such a cool experience. I love the mission, I love you too. I hope you can all feel the love of God. Life in the mission is crazy but I love every minute of it, hahaha.


Elder Turner

And Last Week’s short emails:

“How are you feeling?” -Mom

So, I’m all better and yea I am trying to take a lot of pictures. I like just got to Cajamarca I couldn’t write a letter this week so just put this:

We had a rad week. I Had an alpaca like try to kill me but, I got away. It did spit in my face.

Meeting a Llama

Meeting a Llama

I loved Elder Holland’s talk where he says that we get credit for just trying. It so rad! Also, you gotta read this talk by Michael Wilcox. It was a BYU Hawaii devotional called “Bread or Stone”. Coming to understand the God we pray to is so good!

This week we had lots of lessons and more than anything I saw the “Lord’s Arm” extended (D&C 123:17.) The Lord is working miracles here in Chota. I know that Christ lives and that He is they only way to true happiness. I know that the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ was restored in 1820 through the Prophet Joseph Smith. I know Chota, Peru is where I need to be and this is the most important work I can do right now. I’ll write a letter better next week.

I love you all.

Elder Turner

Week 24 | Visit to Ilda, Inka Mamas Insight and I Loved General Conference

Alright, so Chota is so great. We had a way cool week, this week.  Saw some pretty cool places, taught some really rad people, got to listen to General Conference, learned A LOT, grew my testimony, and once again learned that, as missionaries, we have to do literally all that we can… Chota is going to be what the Lord wants, when he wants it.

For P-Day (preparation-day) this week we went on another rad hike to a little lake in the mountains above Chota.  The people here say it is cursed and that it “eats” the people that go swimming in it, but really it just has gnarly quicksand at the bottom.  Like always, it started to rain and we got straight soaked, lol.  It was fun though because Chota is just like the most beautiful place in the whole world.

Another rad thing that happened this week was that we got to go and visit sister Ilda.  She is a way solid member here.  She is just this nice lady that lives with her husband up in the mountains, like an hour and 15 minutes (30 minutes in bus and 45 minutes hiking) away from the church house and the City of Chota.  Despite the distance, she comes to church faithfully each week.  Her home is on a mountain side in one of the most green parts around here.  They are just the nicest family ever!  She is so committed and strong in the gospel.  Her father recently passed away and she just needed a little spiritual comfort.  We had a powerful lesson on the Plan of Salvation and the spirit straight up ministered to her.  It was just an overall incredible experience.


Hiking to Ilda’s house in mountains by Chota. A 45 minute hike to get there.

Some other things that have been happening …

  • I saw a pig the size of a horse.
  • I ate Pollo a la Brasa 3 times this week (it’s the best thing in all of Peru aside from cuy.)
  • I spoke with a sheep. (He gives no explanation on this… ??)
  • I started reading Jesus the Christ again (best book ever.)
Ilda Cooking in her kitchen

Ilda Cooking in her kitchen

This week was full of spiritual experiences as well.  As a companionship we had a super cool and powerful fast.  We decided to fast for just a few specific things that we need.  It is amazing, because we have already started to see the fruits of our fast.  Fasting works! Also this week we got to meet some rad new people the Lord has put in our path, people with such an honest desire to follow Christ, but don’t know how, so we are going to teach them.  We saw a lady and her grandchild open up their hearts to us and the Spirit.  Also, we have had some super rad lessons.  One with the only other “gringo” in all of Chota.  He is super awesome.  He’s Norwegian, but speaks like almost perfect English.  It is so cool though he has changed a lot, like I mean a lot.  The Lord has been preparing him and his family a bunch to receive the restored gospel.  He came to all of General Conference and was not only there but listened intently.  He liked it a lot and was spiritually touched.  He especially like Elder Uchtdorf’s talk in the Sunday session, partly because he likes that he’s another European guy, but more because he too has seen the power of God reconstruct cities and reconstruct his life.

Romario, a ward member in Chota.

Romario, a ward member in Chota.

To end, I just want to talk about how wonderful General Conference was.  I love hearing the prophet, the apostles, and the other leaders of the Church.  All of the sessions were so rad but the talks that really hit me were;

I love being a missionary.  I love it here in Peru, especially in Chota.  If there are two things I’ve learned so far, one is that Inka Mama’s isn’t real Peruvian food and two that Christ truly leads this church.  (If you haven’t read the Book of Mormon yet, reach out to your Mormon friends and ask, today!)

Seebs until next week,

Elder Turner

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