Alright, so I finally got a little time this week.  These past few weeks have been crazy, but at the same time they have been the raddest few weeks of my mission so far.

To start off, we went to the temple in Trujillo this week. Also, we had a multi-zone training conference with President and Sister Marler.  I love going to the temple and I love hearing from President and Sister Marler; it’s literally two of my favorite things about serving my mission.  The travel to Trujillo kind of sucks- we take a four hour ride into Cajamarca in a 12-passenger van called a Combi. Then it’s another 7 hours from Cajamarca to Trujillo.  The trip straight wrecks you, but it still is so worth it.  The only bummer is that both me and Elder Boren, my companion, completely forgot to take pictures at the Trujillo Temple.  But it’s all good.

Beautiful Peru - on the way to Trujillo

Beautiful Peru – on the way to Trujillo

So, before I go any further, I want to explain Chota a bit more.  It’s like so green and way cool.  It’s big for only two missionaries but it’s still a small city.  It is very calm and safe here because of the “Ronderos” (like the vigilante organization of Chota).  They are more powerful than the law or the police and do whatever to keep the peace.  It’s kind of hectic, but it’s nice because no one really gets robbed or killed here.  The members are few but they are solid, especially the Branch President, President Bautista.  Pretty much I love Chota.

Some random things that have been going on …

  • I have been kind of sick lately, so President Bautista took me to a clinic and they gave me a nice big shot that felt like peanut butter, yes, right on my butt, LOL.  I have to get two more of these in the next few days.
  • Also, I accidentally told a lady during a lesson that “I loved her.”  I meant to say that “God loved her” but yeah, I said “I loved her.”  It was kind of awkward, but it’s funny.
  • One of the raddest things so far in my mission happened last week.  I got to go on TV and teach.  Chota has its own little TV station and, with the connections President Bautista has, we got permission from President Marler and were able to go on TV and teach for all of Chota to see.  It was the “Semana Santa” (or “ The Holy Week” ) here, so we just talked about Christ.  We talked about his life, his sacrifice, and how he did everything for us.  Also, that he did it all for love.  The coolest part was that we got to show the video “Graciás a Él” (“Because of Him.”)  It was such a rad experience and was way important because no one knows who we are here in Chota or who Mormons are.
My companion Elder Boren studying hard.

My companion Elder Boren studying hard.

This week we had some way great lessons. We tried to focus on our Savior because it was the “Semana Santa” and really He is the key to everything that we are teaching.  We didn’t have too much time to teach because we were traveling, but we had an outstanding lesson with a less active member who is really passing through some hard times.  We just talked about Christ and the power he has to lift us up.  It was so cool because you could really see how she could feel the hand of Christ in her life and could sense how much he loves her.  We had another lesson with an investigator that has passed through some rough times with drugs and other problems.  He talked about the effect prayer had on his desires and the strength needs to change.  It was such a rad week and the best of all was being in the Temple. I love the mission so much. I have gained such a strong testimony of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice, something I didn’t understand well before I began my mission.  But yeah, life is rad right now. Pray for Chota.


Elder Turner

The Bus to Trujillo

The Bus to Trujillo from Cajamarca – a little nicer than the ride from Chota to Cajamarca