So one of the craziest, raddest, most hectic weeks of my whole mission. Like real busy, but full of miracles.

To start off we went to the temple in Trujillo as a branch (the local congregation in Chota). It was so cool. This whole past week we were just getting everything ready. Like we planned and carried out the whole trip. We were running all around figuring it out, buying tickets and stuff for like 3 days. Like I have no idea how we got it all worked out on time, it was truly a tender mercy and miracle that everyone got to the bus station and on the bus on time, hahaha. When we were finally on the bus and are on our way down to Trujillo, Elder Boren and I looked at each other and he said, “Now we have nothing to worry about; it is smooth sailing from here on out.” About an hour later while we were switchbacking down the mountain, the back tire of the bus blew out and we almost all died. So they fixed the tire and we got back on the road only like an hour behind schedule. Not even 20 minutes passed and the bus just turned off as we were getting to the bottom of those same switchbacks. I have no idea how, but the bus had run out of gas. We ended up pushing the giant two-story bus for a bit until finally a car stopped and gave us some gas. They gave us the gas, we got it in the bus and then they took off. We all got back on the bus and the driver went to turn it on but the bus wouldn’t start. So we had to wait even longer for them to be able to fix everything. Finally the bus started and we drove very slowly down to Chiclayo. We got to to Chiclayo at like 11 P.M. and we finally got to Trujillo at about 3 A.M. I was way tired. But if there was one thing that I learned, it is that what the Lord promised to Jacob is true. (2 Nephi 2:11). Hahaha, but for real, it was a cool experience. It made the members really want to get to Trujillo and really made it so they had to exercise a bit of faith to get there. It’s so rad.

Our friend Ilda went to the Temple with us. She is the one we visit way up on the mountains.

Our friend Ilda went to the Temple with us. She is the one we visit way up on the mountains.

Saturday in the temple was amazing. You can feel the Spirit just being around the temple itself. Literally, they are the raddest places in the whole world. Being there with the branch members was the best part though. For almost all of them, it was their first time ever going to the temple. It was so rad. The temple has such power and it was especially awesome because Elder Boren was able to spend his last day in the mission (Elder Boren completed his two years as a full-time missionary the following day) with the whole branch in the temple. It was a bummer to see him go. I love that guy a lot. He taught me what it means to truly be a servant of the Lord. He is truly one of the best missionaries I’ve ever met and a great homie.

Now comes like the craziest- my new companion is Elder McKamey, my first companion in the CCM (Missionary Training Center.) I was like so confused but stoked the same time, haha. But yeah I’m stoked cuz I know we have the same vision of missionary work.

Mi and mi compañero with compañero Coke | My first MTC Companion - Elder McKamey

Mi and mi compañero with compañero Coke | My first MTC Companion – Elder McKamey

This week we had like no time cuz of the temple trip, but I still had so many spiritual moments. Investigators are progressing and the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is changing lives here in Chota. Pray for us and don’t ever be dumb.

Elder Turner

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Extras from Elder Turner

To Dad: “Love u guys. Thanks for everything. Tell the boys I love them too. Teach a lesson to them on repentance, that it is truly a blessing from God not a punishment. That’s something I don’t think a lot of people understand, even as members of the church.”

To Slade: “Thanks for the letter Slade. The mission is the best. Like I’m not saying I wasn’t happy before my mission, but like its a different type of happiness out here-better. You will see soon what I mean. Slade u gotta start to the little things now. Like always remember that your decisions determine your destiny. Who you hang out with, even if you don’t do anything bad, will have an effect on your life. Also Bro, you gotta get good grades. It’s like really not that hard and it’s wayyyyyyy worth it in the end. But what are you doing now? What are your plans for summer? Where are you at right now in your scripture study? Are you going to mission prep every week? Do the little things and get yourself ready now to serve a mission. Don’t be dumb and write me.”