Hectic week here and Chota. Lots of good things going on and also a few obstacles. One of the bigger obstacles for this week has been the Fiesta Carnivals. Every year, Chota has a huge Carnival for 10 days in the end of June, called San Juan Bautista Festival.

There are three main parts to the “Fiesta of June.”

  • The concerts and dances: which are huge cultural celebrations.
  • San Juan Pampa: which is the huge Carnival thing. (To use other McKameys words to describe San Juan Pampa, “It’s the quality of a county fair, with the attendance of a state fair.” LOL, it’s true though, some janky set ups they have going on there.
  • They finish with “Las Corridas de los Toros,” the bullfights.

We actually got special permission to go to a day of the bullfights, and it was pretty rad. Kind of dumb to get in a cage with a full grown bull, but in the end it was way cool to see, and to be honest, a lot of the things people do are dumb. So yeah, the fiestas were fun, but in the end, it complicated everything when planning for our week. For the people here, the fiestas are a valid excuse to forget about everything important for a week. If there was some type of event going on associated with the fiesta, you could go walking around in the streets and not see a single person. It was cool, just a bit rough this week, haha. But no, there were still so many miracles.

The Lord has been trying our faith here a bit, and even more, the faith of the members. It’s weird with how chosen these people have been and how yet how hard it has been for them to progress. Nevertheless, I cannot even begin to describe how much we can feel the Lord helping us. This week we have seen miracles with both members and investigators. One of my favorite things from this week was teaching a younger investigator “The Plan of Salvation.” Understanding the reality of what sin can do to us brought him worry, regret, and despair. But understanding what Christ can do for us, if we make covenants to accept him, changed his this worry, regret and despair into hope and happiness. Salvation does not come passively; it is something we have to choose and we have to work for. This young man understood this principle and began to grasp the scope of Christ’s power. It’s something I hope we can all understand. Chota it is so rad. It has so much potential. Pray for us here and Chota and don’t be unsmart (dumb).

Elder Turner

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