So, once again we had another way rad and hectic week. It kinda seems like that’s how most of the mission is gonna be, but it’s chill. I like it like that… makes it more fun.

To start off we had a really relaxing Preparation Day this week. We were really tired, so we decided to just sleep and watch “On the Lord’s Errand – The life of Thomas S. Monson” with a 2lb bag of “Chizitos” (they are like Cheetos, just Peruvian.) I ate the whole bag of Chizitos. But yea, it was good. I have probably seen “On The Lord’s Errand” fifteen times and I could watch it a hundred more times. It’s sooooooo rad. Pres. Monson is such a truly humble and meek man. There is a reason Heavenly Father has entrusted him with the most sacred of responsibilities. I highly recommend that everyone watch it.

Also, this week we were able to go out and visit Hilda again. She is such a homie and has priorities straight. She’s like just alone way out in the middle of no-where with none one to tell her what she should do, yet she is soo faithful. She is just barely learning to read, but she set a goal to read the whole Book of Mormon. She reads about 2 hours every night. She has already read the whole Book of Mormon, but she doesn’t consider it complete until she has read every page with words on it. Right now she is about half way through the index. LOL. She’s so rad. I was kinda surprised cuz we didn’t get attacked by a single dog when we visited her that day, so I guess there is first for everything ( #blessings).

Oh yea, mission transfers happened this week, luckily Elder McKamey and I will be chillin’ in Chota for another 6 weeks. Pretty stoked cuz the rest of the areas are like Trujillo desert and the weather is perfect here, lol. Nah, but I love Chota. It’s way cool and there is still a lot of work to be done.


So, the total highlight of the week is that Lili got baptized and confirmed. She is way so special and the missionaries have been working with her for a while. I think what really turned her heart was when we went to the Temple. After that temple trip, we saw a straight-up miracle in her. She was able to use the feelings she had experienced at the temple and the testimony those feelings built to get herself prepared for baptism. It was such a cool experience to be there with her and the other members. The river she was baptized in is kind of janky but the Spirit was the same as always. It was cool as well because we had two missionaries from Cajamarca come down to interview her and be there for the baptism, Elder Medrano (Colombia) and Elder Morote (Peru-USA). It was just a way rad weekend. Lots of feelings and experiences I will never forget.

Overall, it’s just been a way spiritual and fantastic week. We have had some great lessons and found some amazing new investigators. One of our investigators referred us to her niece. She wanted us to go and visit her niece because she has been going through some trials and as a result has lost all faith in the existence of a God or Christ. It’s different having to teach from ground zero, but she is rad and has the desire to listen and learn. It is just so great here in Chota right now.

Pretty much the “mish” is just the best. I love every second it. I know The Church is true and I know Heavenly Father has big plans for each of us. Just pretty stoked right now.

Elder Turner

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