Okay, so this what is a way, way cool week. A ton of great stuff has happened and I’ve just been feeling sooo good. To start off, Edwin and Melita got baptized this week. It was so awesome. They are both so great and are true examples of being a disciple of Christ. We have had the opportunity to work a ton with both of them these last few weeks. As we have talked and shared the gospel with them, their testimonies have grown so much. Melita’s baptism was this past Wednesday. She asked if I would baptize her and it was a very spiritual experience for everyone and opened the door for the spirit to touch the hearts of her family. We are now working with them as well. Edwin’s baptism was this past Saturday. His great friend, who has truly helped us in every step of Edwin’s progression, was able to perform the ordinance for him. He is such a rad guy. He has only been a member for two days and he is already trying to get everything ready to go for his own mission. Hahaha. It was a way exciting week for all of us. They were both confirmed and received the gift of the Holy Ghost this last Sunday.


Other “miracles” have happened this week as well. To start off, the store across the street sells Philadelphia brand cream cheese. I think it’s the best thing I’ve seen in the stores of Peru yet. Also, on P-day we went to the mall as a district and ate at Chili’s. It was like the first time In a year that I have had real American food. For an appetizer, we got the classic queso sauce with chips. For my main course, I got the honey Hickory bacon burger. It was so good! Also, this week we had exchanges and Elder Reyes and I decided to order pizza from Papa Johns. They said it would be to us within 1 hour. It showed up after an hour and 6 minutes so they ended up giving us the pizzas for free. It’s been a really great week for miracles, LOL.

Zone Conference – Peru Trujillo North Central Zone

This week we were way busy with the baptisms and interviews and stuff, but we have still been able to do so much. I have been working to be better at sharing the gospel with everyone. For me, it’s one of the hardest things to just go out and really talk with anyone and everyone. This week I just tried to do it and I’ve really seen a huge difference. In the mission right now we are really working hard to try to find families to teach. so my companion and I have been praying for opportunities.

I love the mission so much. It’s just like the best. I don’t have to worry about money, or school or anything. I just get to go out and just love and be like Jesus every day. It really is the very best. Well, till next week.


Elder Turner

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