Wow, what a hectic past couple of weeks it has been. For one reason or another, things got a little crazy and, in the end, I wasn’t able to get a letter off last week, So, I’m going to kinda do a double letter right now, starting with the week of 14 November 2016.

Last week was nuts! Elder Meissner and I finished up the “first 12 weeks” training program. I literally don’t know how it has gone by so fast. With each passing change, the mission has just been going by faster. I don’t know if I like it, ha ha ha. No, but it was way sick to train Elder Meissner. We got along well, worked hard, and had a lot of fun. I learned a lot in those short three months.

Elder Reyes, Elder Meisner, Elder Babbel, Elder Turner

The highlight of last week was for sure the baptism of Favio, Tania, and Andrea. They are all super cool people that I have grown to love a lot. We met Favio our second day in the new area and have seen him change a lot. He will soon be baptizing the rest of his family. The first time we met Tania and Andrea, they met with us only because, Rodrigo, Tania’s son and Andréa’s brother, begged them to. I remember Tanya telling us on our first visit that if we tried to even mention the Book of Mormon or Joseph Smith, she would throw us out of her home. Little by little, miracles happened in their hearts and all three were baptized my last week in Los Cedros.

Tania and Andrea

Favio in center with his family.

Last Sunday night I got a call from President Marble to extend me a call to Central as a zone leader. I’m still not too sure what President was thinking, ha ha ha, but yeah, I accepted and I’m now here as a zone leader in the Central Zone. Elder Babel got sent off to Casagrande and I came in to fill his spot. My new comp is Elder Reyes. He is a short, chunky Peruvian from Lima. He is way cool and this is his last change. I think he is anxious to go home… But yeah, it’s chill because we still work hard. It’s weird because my new area here in Central borders up with my last area. Central is kind of small but there is still a lot of work to be done

This week I have been studying a bit about the importance of attaining Christ-like attributes in our life. Faith, hope, charity, virtue, knowledge, patience, humility, diligence, and obedience. If we can acquire these attributes in our lives we have the promised help of the Lord and His Holy Spirit as well as the promise of exaltation. They are the key to true happiness in the Lord’s great Plan of Salvation. I’m working at these every day and have begun to see a change in myself and in those around me. Que siempre seamos sejamantes a El.


P.S. Don’t not be smart!

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