We have worked so hard this week and knocked so many doors and stuff. Looking all week for new people to teach​. ​We finally found one family yesterday. We had knocked on their door earlier that week and talked with one of the grown children. He explained that they were busy but told us we could come back on Sunday. Well, we went back yesterday and to our surprise the whole family was waiting for us. We had a powerful lesson and the spirit was definitely there. They were so receptive and understood the message so well. We talked of Christ and His church. At the end of the lesson, the mother offered to say the prayer and began to cry. The spirit was so strong in that moment for us.

Last night I was thinking about all we had done in this past week, all the doors we had knocked on, all the people we had talked to, and the very few new people we found to teach and the very few lessons we had taught. Looking at our numbers, I thought to myself that this week had been kind of a waste of time. Then the image of that family from Sunday popped into my head and I felt the Spirit whisper to my mind “Were all those doors and were all those hours searching worth that one family?” I knew it was. I grew to better understand the worth of a soul in the eyes of God. It was a cool experience for me.

Love you and seebs.
Elder Turner

Elder Turner Extras:

  • (After reading Mom’s experience hearing Maverick’s voice when he called her that week from Grandma’s home and how it reminded her of Wyatt growing up-) Mom, I remember always calling from Grandma’s home phone, hahaha. It’s crazy how long ago that was but yea don’t worry I still remember it. We did do a lot of stuff but the most important is that we were together and right now I remember best just being at home and eating together and like watching movies or going to Flamingos. That’s the stuff I really miss. Love you guys so much and can’t wait to see you guys.
  • Email on Dec. 12: Thanks for all that you do Mom your the best. This has been a great week and I’m having so much fun. I’m stoked for everyone and all that’s going on back home. Tell Slade he didn’t cut enough hair off.  I’ll try to write you more, it’s just like way hard sometimes and not enough time and everything but yea I’ll try next week. I can’t wait to see you guys on Christmas Skype. Tell everyone I love them especially the little boys! Love you!!!
  • Dec. 12: Hey dad thanks for the letter! I’m doing great. That’s so rad that you got so many investigators to come to church. I would be in paradise if that happened here, haha. That’s so cool though!  Part of me really does miss just going to church in a really strong ward with nothing to worry about, but what ya gonna do. I love it here. I’m sorry I didn’t have time to write a big letter this week but it’s all good.  I will get one off next week. I can’t wait to talk to you guys on Christmas.  I love that talk it’s soo good. It’s true aswell that it’s hard to explain such a complicated beautiful perfect thing in such a casual way (Boyd Packard, The Mediator, April 1977). We got news from the Mission President and we are gonna be going to the temple in January, so I’m stoked. Thanks for everything. Love you guys so much, can’t wait to talk to you guys on Christmas!
  • I made it to the Ocean… at least pretty close.  Also, I got to catch up with Elder Mead on exchanges.