December 25th – We got to Skype Wyatt in Peru on Christmas Day. It was so amazing to talk to him and hear his voice and see how much he has changed. He is doing amazing and we will post some video clips on the website soon.

December 26th- Email with a few pictures:
Ok, love you guys, ’til next week. I am staying in my area and my new companion is Elder Bolivia from Lima, I’m stoked. Tell everyone I love then and I want pics of Christmas over there. Here are a few pics of my Christmas Eve and dinner.

January 2nd – A Letter

Wow, it feels so weird to write 2017, I can’t believe another year has gone by. It’s crazy how hectic these past couple of weeks have been: Christmas, New Year’s, companionship changes, skyping the family. It’s been going by way too fast. I’m still trying to make the best of every moment I’ve got.

So this past week was changes. Elder Reyes finished his mission and is back home in Lima. My new companion is Elder Bolivia, HE IS SO RAD! He’s way cool and way funny. He is also from Lima, San Juan de Miraflores to be exact. He has been out about 20 months in the mission and is such a hard worker. He got baptized at age 20 and left on the mission at 21. We get along so well and he is teaching me so much.

Oh yeah Elder McKamey was called as a Zone leader this change as well, so that’s cool because I’ll be able to see him pretty frequently.

But yeah the mission has changed so much since I got here. It’s rad though and I love it.

This week has been just a bit hard because of New Year and New Year’s Eve. Everybody gets pretty drunk down here and it usually results in a lot of walking with little to do for the missionaries, but yeah it’s all cool. In the end, we were still able to see a ton of miracles.

This week we met a way cool man named Dante. He was in a car accident and came out of it hard about 5 years ago. We were able to meet him and he asked us to come to his house because he had some questions about the Mormons. We gladly returned that day and we spend over an hour answering questions about the Book of Mormon, the Restoration, and the Plan of Salvation. At the end, we bore powerful testimonies. Then came his questions about baptism and how it works. It was such a cool experience for us to be reminded that the Lord truly is preparing people. The thing is, everyday I learn something new, everyday my understanding grows. I love The Gospel and the peace and joy it brings. The mission is the best. I don’t know how, but I’m having more fun than ever. I wouldn’t trade these experiences for anything.

Elder Turner

More pictures on site.