Month: February 2017

Weeks 69 | Light of the World, New Companion, and Awesome Service

Pretty tranquil week here in Central Zone, Trujillo. Not too much going on for this week, as for like big news and big stuff. But there is always rad things that happen each week.

To start off, my new companion Elder Garrison is way cool. He’s not actually from Detroit but from Boise, Idaho. He is definitely way funny and a straight character. We are actually way different, but we get along well. He’s got 11 months in the mission and always is stoked to work, which I love. Our teaching style was a bit different at the beginning but we are figuring it out and work well together. I’m stoked to work with him.

Also this week they opened up the whole ward, which defines our working area, to all the missionaries. Before the ward was split with one side for the Elders and one side for the Sisters but President Marble removed the limits and now we share the whole ward. I actually like it a lot because our side was tiny before, hahaha. I don’t know how the Sisters feel about it though LOL.

This is where we study each morning for a few hours.

Some weird stuff that has gone down this week: I saw someone crashed into a light post, knock it over, completely ruin their car, then back up and drive away. A drunk guy tried to fight us because he thought we didn’t celebrate birthdays, then he said we were US spies. Oh and also the power went out in all of Trujillo and at church there were no microphones. This sister gave what looked like, from her hand movements and the tears in her eyes, the gnarliest talk ever. However no one heard a single word because of the lack of power.

This week we were also able to do a service project for a rather cold man whose door we had knocked on. I think that, in the beginning, he was just stoked for free work ( and even better that they were Mormon missionaries who were going to work for free). But after the service project was finished, you could notice something different in him. He was more interested to know why we would want to serve him. We gave him a brief explanation and he decided he wanted to come to church to see what the Mormons were all about. And he came! This experience made me think about principal the Saviour taught in The Sermon on the Mount. The scripture reads in Matthew 5:14-16:

“Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

As disciples of Christ we really carry His light. I love being a missionary because I can focus 100% on sharing that light. Hope you are all sharing the light back there. Have a happy Valentine’s Day and save me some “ Smarties Hearts.”


Weeks 64-68 | Dante’s Baptism, New Companion and Miracles!

Wow, so it’s been a little while since I have sent a letter and I’m actually really sorry about that. I’ve been busy but, yea, there really isn’t an excuse but I’m here now and I have the letter, haha. Wow, so these last couple of weeks have been way hectic. We have been trying so hard to find people to teach and people who are willing to make covenants with the Lord. My area is a bit different than the rest of the mission. Pretty much all of the mission is known for being an area where it’s easy to get into people’s houses and teach, but where you have to really work with investigators to actually see progress. Well, my area isn’t quite like that.  Actually, it’s the opposite, hahah. It’s hard to get into people’s homes (Idk why- probs just because it’s the very center of the city) but, when you finally get someone that is truly willing to learn and listen, they progress like crazy. It’s actually quite interesting. But, yea, so we have been working really hard to find those who want to listen to our message.

So changes (new companion) were this week and Elder Bolivia was called to spend the last six weeks of his mission training a brand new missionary. My new companion is Elder Garrison from Boise. I’ll be training him as a new zone leader. He is way cool and we are getting to know each other. Also this week we are going to be moving so that will be nice. Right now it’s wayyyyyyy hot here in Trujillo.  We live in a wood house on the 3rd floor above a bakery so it gets pretty hot, haha. But the cool thing about our room right now is that you can close all the windows and throw some water on the floor and it turns into a legit sauna, lol. It will be nice to move.

I’m doing good right now and have been learning a lot. This change has been full full of miracles and I wanted to share one.

About a month ago Elder Bolivia and I felt inspired to knock on a door. A rather large lady opened up with just the biggest look of confusion. We asked her if she had some water cuz it was hot outside (something we really just do to try to get in, haha) and she let us in. We explained that we were missionaries and that we wanted to share a short message with her. She then proceeded to tell us that she had just gotten off the phone with her daughter who had just then told her about a dream she had just had.  In the dream, the daughter said she saw two mormon missionaries and heard a voice tell her to listen to them. With grins from ear to ear we began to share the saving message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Christ. She listened and thanked us. To be perfectly honest, to us it seemed like we had witnessed a real miracle, that she was the chosen investigator we had been praying to find.  However, though we tried and tried, we have not yet been able to find or talk again with that same large lady. It just isn’t her time yet. Yet, that first day, there was a man in the other room who was listening attentively to the  message we shared with the lady, though, at the time, we had no idea he was there. On our way out, he asked us to visit him in another time. We gladly accepted his invitation, still unaware that he had been listening.

We had been looking again and again for an opportunity to teach that lady, with zero success. As our miracle seemed to vanish, we finally ran into that same man. We decided to visit him then and there and he told us how he had heard everything we had shared with the lady and had some questions. We answered them and at the end of the lesson, we invited him to be baptized the 28th of January. He accepted our invitation. We kept working with him and he progressed steadily. This past week I had the great opportunity to be able to baptize him into the Church. It was such a great moment for him and for me and he is a friend I will never forget. I often wondered why the Lord would give such a powerful experience to someone he knew wasn’t ready at that time (the large lady). It wasn’t til the day of Dante’s baptism that I realized how perfect the Lord’s plans are. Maybe he knew it wasn’t that lady’s time now, but he needed a way to connect us with that man listening in the other room and he saw the opportunity. I learned how perfectly the Lord works and how to have faith that everything happens for a reason. It was a way cool experience and something I will never forget.

Well I love it here. It’s the best. I really couldn’t imagine being anywhere else or doing anything else. I love it all so much and hope that everyone that has the chance to serve will take the invitation. I could really go for some Outback right now, but it’s chill…chicken and rice will do, lol. Seebs. don’t bes dumbs.

Jan 24:
Thanks for the letter Mom. Sorry, I have not written a letter in a little while, next week I will write, I promise.

Today was cool because we got to go to the Temple. That’s why I’m writing a day late. It was so rad. Its been a little while since iI’ve been but I loved it. I hope you guys are going often and are taking the boys as well.

I completely forgot to write Maverick last week. I remembered on like Thursday and felt real bad but I will write him a letter and I’ll send it to you separately.

Its sooooooooooooooooo HOT here right now. It’s terrible.

Love you guys a lot. Sure do miss you. ’til next week.

© 2018 Elder Wyatt Turner

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