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Weeks 83-84 | Study Marathon, Arepas, and Following the Spirit!

Hey guys.  Hope everyone is having a good week.  This was a way cool last week for us here in Central.  Elder Cantos and I have been working way hard and we have definitely seen some Miracles.

To start off,  the scriptures are rad.  This week,  Elder Cantos got very sick for a day and we weren’t able to go out and proselyte.  He stayed in bed while I had,  like,  a 12-hour-long personal study.  I studied a ton of the attributes of Christ.  But then, I got a little sidetracked and started to study the whole book of Acts and the Pauline Epistles.  It was way cool and my testimony of the Restoration was strengthened.  I was able to see, and feel by the Spirit, that the Restored Church today really does teach the same gospel that was taught in Paul’s time and it has the same organization as the church that Christ himself established over two thousand years ago.

Some other cool stuff from this past week are that we got to go eat at Chili’s for P-Day.  Also, I finally got my suit fixed so that it doesn’t look like I’m wearing Rook’s suit anymore.  A drunk guy tried to fight one of the young man that was accompanying us and we got free “arepas” from a Venezuelan dude.

Also,  this week Frank got baptized!  He asked me to baptize him,  which was a way cool experience for me.  He is so great and has a strong testimony.  After church this Sunday, he accompanied us for about 6 hours as we made visits.  At the end of our day, he told us that he has plans to complete a year of membership and then go serve his own mission.  It is cool to see his path from an eternal perspective, not just a single event or two, but one that spans generations of those who will be affected by his decisions.

We also had another way cool experience this week.  It was like 9:20 p.m. at night and we were walking, more like power walking, back to the room cuz it was already way late.  Right then, we saw a guy walking slowly on the opposite side of the street who kind of caught my attention for some reason.  We decided to cross the street and talk to him.  I think we scared him at the first, but, after explaining what we do and sharing briefly the message of the Restoration, he invited us to visit him in his home the next day.  We went back the following day and had one of the most spiritual lessons I have ever been in.  It was because his heart is softened to the Spirit and he truly wants to know spiritual things.  We taught and, at the end of the lesson, he accepted a baptismal invitation.  This Sunday he came to church!  It’s cool to think that it all started by following a simple spiritual prompting that I just about brushed off as unimportant or my own imagination.

All in all, it’s been pretty cool week I’m excited to keep on working!

Seebs in 5.
Elder Turner

Cute Brother banter below

Wy wy,

I am really excited for summer and after summer I’m gonna be in 6th grade. I really love you Wyatt and you’re a great role model for me and I also look up to you. Are you happy in Peru?

So Hurricane Harbor is opening at Magic Mountain and it is practically a huge water park. I am so excited it opens on Monday. Like today when you read this. We get to go soon.

I started 11 year old scouts. It is so much fun and I get to go on a camp out soon. What was your favorite part of 11 year old scouts?

School is out in 3 days… because no school on Monday . I get to go to the beach on Tuesday for 5th grade party. And the last day is Thursday.

I love you so much and I really miss you.


Hey Hudson,
Wow i cannot believe you are going to be in sixth grade.  Thats so crazy! I am way happy in Peru but i miss moms cooking and all you guys but its ok because I get to teach the gospel and help people each day.  Hmmm.. Hurricane harbor.  We will have to go when i get home.  11 year old scouts is the best.  My favorite part was the campouts and tin foil dinners.  Well have fun this summer and do everything you can.  Sure love you a lot.

Seebs ya later.

Elder Wyatt


Weeks 81-82 | Call to Home, Rain, and Letter to Hudson

Thanks for the letters.  Seems like you guys are way busy.  The end of school was always the best time of year when I back home, hahahah.  Wow, they did wreck the house, hahah (we got TP’d pretty bad) but, yea, so I was watching the videos and, well, I saw my car and like I’ve only got 4 and a half months left, so I think it would be best if you just don’t sell the car cuz I kinda wanna drive it when I get back home…  (He got an offer on the “Swaggon” a few weeks ago).

So you put my name in the temple this week so that I wouldn’t get sick and, well, I got sick this week, hahahhaah.  Nah, I just got like a super bad cold + nausea and a neck rash.  I was only not proselytizing for a day though, but kinda funny, no?

Trujillo is good.  It’s starting to get a bit cooler here which is nice but it still gets pretty hot.  The zone is doing well and a lot of our investigators were baptized this month so that’s chill.   My comp and I are still doing great.  Overall it’s been a good week and my comp and I have some baptism coming up, so we will see how that all goes.

Love you guys a ton.

Dear Hudson,

Wow I can’t believe you are getting so big and are already 11 years old. You are such a cool and happy kid and I love you so much. I always talk to the people here in Peru and show them the picture of us at your baptism. When people ask me who the first person was that I baptized, I show them the picture of the two of us.

I miss you so much but I love it here in Peru. One day we are going to come back together to meet the people of Peru. I cannot believe you are going to be in sixth grade. That’s so crazy! 11-year-old scouts is the best. My favorite part was the campouts and tin foil dinners. I am way happy in Peru but I do miss moms cooking and all you guys. But it’s ok because I get to teach the gospel and help people each day. Well, have fun this summer and do everything you can. Keep being a good boy and I will see you soon. Sure love you a lot. Seebs ya later.

Seebs in 5.
Your Big Brother Elder Turner

And May 15th the day after we talked to him on Mother’s Day:

Hey Mom, thanks for the Letter.  It was great to Skype you guys yesterday.  This last skype felt a lot different that my first skype, hahaha.  Its weird..  Not that I wasn’t super excited,  but,  like,  I just felt accustomed.  It was rough too cuz my comp’s family like is struggling a ton and stuff and is like kinda inactive, so he just spent his entire time bearing his testimony to his fam and asking them to go to church and stuff.  I don’t have any of those worries with you guys so like I don’t have to worry myself too much with that stuff.  I’m grateful because it allows us to just talk normally and stuff.

Love you so much.​​​​​​

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