Month: June 2017

Week 88 | Tulio is Baptized, Transferred to New Area, and The Fall of Adam

Another totally rad week and a lot of changes — it’s all good and I’m happy as ever!

To start out, these past two weeks have been so cool. Right after I wrote my last letter a ton of stuff happened. First of all, 2 weeks ago when I was still in Central Zone with Elder Cantos we had a baptism. He’s a way cool guy named Tulio. A bit over a month ago, I wrote about the spirit guiding me to contact a guy in the street and we had a way cool experience with him. Tulio was that guy. It was so cool to see all his progress then to see him finally enter into the waters of baptism. Right after the baptism of Tulio, I got the call to be transferred and got sent to Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is so cool It’s the part of Trujillo that is up against the ocean. Years ago, it was a beautiful sandy beach, but the tides kept taking more and more sand away and destroying the homes. They put a ton of huge boulder size rocks along the whole coastline to protect the homes but they kept having problems. All the hotels and restaurants closed down and it pretty much just became a place for the poor to live. It’s a way cool and way humble place, just still kind of sketchy and dangerous.

Anyway, I’ve been here for a bit now. My new companion is Elder Melendrez. He is from San Juan de Miraflores, Lima, Peru and we get along pretty well. He has been out about a year and this is his first time as a Zone leader.

Last week we had the baptism of Elio. He is so rad and has changed so much. He had a ton of struggles that have taken time to overcome, but he did it and now he has a fresh start.

Some news from this week.

  • Well I got kind of sick again. I think I’m just getting used to the new pensionista (lady who cooks for us.)
  • We met a ton of rad new people to teach.
  • Also we met some people that weren’t too stoked about the restored gospel, or to see us in their doorway. That’s okay.

This week I studied the fall of Adam and Eve a ton. It’s so cool to think of the positives and negatives of their situation. First, while they were in the Garden of Eden they lived in God’s presence ( a positive) and were immortal (a positive), However they could not have families (a negative), nor could they gain knowledge or progress (a negative.) During the fall the positives and negatives reversed. But thanks to Christ’s Atonement all outcomes can become achievable and positive.

I love this gospel and I’m so grateful for the blessings it brings us.

Elder Turner

Weeks 85-87 | Workers of Miracles, Illegal Monkeys and Transferred to the Beach


June 5th

Hey family, how are you doing?  I have had another great week here in Central Zone. Seems like the miracles are picking back up a bit.  I truly can’t complain.  I always recognize the Lord’s hand in this work, in the good and in the bad.  It’s been a great week.

Anyways, this week we had a way cool multi-zone conference with President and Sister Marble.  Elder Cantos and I were both able to train and be trained. I learned a ton.  We talked a bit about prayer and the role it plays in a true conversion.  The world teaches that spiritual knowledge should come from what you can see, while the Lord teaches that spiritual knowledge comes from Him.   A knowledge of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon or the Restoration of the Gospel can be found by earnest study and prayer, and the strongest testimony is the testimony of the Holy Ghost.   We also talked about not just sharing ”nice messages” but taking advantage of every teaching moment to testify and teach of the restoration and the Book of Mormon.  Lastly, we talk about something that really stood out for me; that we need to be more than just good administrator; rather we need to be ”workers of Miracles” if we want to achieve all that the Lord has prepared for us.  It was a way cool conference and I learned a lot.

This week was also cool because this past month or so we have been working to reactivate a family in our ward and help the 10 year old daughter to be baptized.  They each have strengthened their testimonies, have begun to fully participate in church once again.  It was so cool to be able to work with the family and see their daughter take the step of baptism.  They all gave powerful testimonies in the baptismal service.

Some other cool things from this week…

  • The national soccer team of Peru played against Paraguay here in Trujillo and the stadium is in my area so it was crazy.  After the game, pretty much everyone in our area was drunk.
  • There was no power in all of Trujillo all day Sunday so during sacrament meeting it was so hard to hear the testimonies and this one little old lady got up and gave what look like the gnarliest testimony ever, but she spoke for 20 minutes in what must have been a whisper because no one heard a single word.  It was kind of funny.
  • Also we met a way rad guy this week that works illegally selling monkeys.  He was cool though and we have an appointment with him this Tuesday.

That’s a bit of what happened this week, I know that this is the best thing I could be doing with my life right now and I love it!

Seebs til next week.

June 12

Hey Dad,

I have like no time but I had changes this week and I’m in the same zone but in a new area called Buenos Aires.  Elder Melendrez is my new companion and is way cool.  I’m training him as a new zone leader.  He has 14 months in the mission and is from Lima.  My area is right on the beach and is way poor.  I love it.  Tulio was baptized, cool! I’ll send a good letter next week.  Also, that trip to Mt. Whitney looked soooooo rad, hahah. I can’t wait to climb Machu Pichu with you guys.  Gotta run.

I love you guys!

June 19
Just a quick email to us this week answering some questions from the family.
What is your new apartment like?
Small and in a kinda sketchy area but chill. Just has no water pressure which sucks when you need to take a fast shower of fill up a water bottle.

What are the members and investigators like? Are they different?
Yes, very different culture and stuff. They are a bit more involved and active. A lot more humble and poor. I love it here, it’s way different.

You said it is a poor area, what does that mean in Peru and in Trujillo?
Violence and people that don’t have food to eat. Lots of home here were destroyed in the huaicos and people live in like make-shift tents. it’s cool I sent pictures.

How is your new companion?
He’s cool he is from Lima and is a hard worker.

Do you still have a pensionista? How about your laundry, who is doing that?
Yes and both are members in the ward.

What cool lessons have you learned in the last few weeks?
Humility and how to better teach the doctrine (gospel) of Christ. Like how to teach that they are not separate principles.

Tell us about your new area; you said it was poor and humble.
It’s all along the beach here in the far part of Trujillo and the beach isn’t to pretty or rich here it’s like super prone to disaster and so it’s super poor. They say my area won’t exist in ten years because the rising tides is taking away all the sand. It’s really cool though and the people are so humble. You can walk into what ever house you want. It’s also very dangerous. There was a fight outside our room last night at like 3 am and I’m pretty sure someone died but yea its kinda hectic but way cool.

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