Hey guys another great week here in the Buena Aires Ward of the Trujillo Central Stake. I’m doing great and I’m really liking this Ward. It’s way cool because you can smell and feel the salt in the air here from the ocean. The people are really humble as well. They don’t have much, but they always find a way to be happy.

My companion, Elder Melendrez is good guy. We both have strong personalities so every once in awhile we butt heads, but for the most part we get along great. I feel like the mission is true preparation for marriage, hahaha. You get to practice living with a ton of different people with different cultures and stuff. It’s at least helped me know what type of person I could or could not live with for eternity. I could not live with someone who doesn’t want to keep ALL the Commandments, ALL the time. As far as you guys, Slade, Jed, Rook, Hudson, and Maverick, just learn to be humble, patient, and obedient, and you guys will be just fine on your missions.

It was weird this week to start having to say that I am now 20 years old. I feel so old! But really this past two years have gone by so fast. I still feel like I just turned 18 ( and look like it too, LOL.) It’s weird because I feel like I have grown more spiritually in these past twenty months or so than the whole rest of my life. I’ve really gotten used to everything and everyone down here. The other day a member invited us to eat and took us to their “fancy” home ( it was outside of our Ward boundaries) and it was in the super rich part of Trujillo that literally looks like Newport and I felt so uncomfortable. It was like culture shock. It was a really weird experience.

In the mission, I have really learned to depend on miracles and the guidance of the Spirit. The other day when we were walking down the street, we were kind of bummed because a ton of our rad investigators had stopped progressing. I kind of said a prayer in my heart asking Heavenly Father to bless our investigators to gain interest again because I was worried about having no one to teach. After the prayer, I really felt that the investigators had already decided and that God would not force them. So we started to knock doors. We knocked a ton of doors with little to no success. Finally we found one door and a very busy mom answered and said she had no time. After begging her for a minute or two, she told us we could come in to talk to her 17 year old son. We talk for a bit when all of the sudden his dad, a big angry dude, threw the door open. I think he’d had a rough day at work, but when he saw us, he got a big old smile on his face and said “ it’s about time you guys showed up.” He had talked to some other missionaries months, before but I guess the referral information was lost. He gathered his family, even the busy mom came, and they sat down ready to listen with interest. It was a cool answer to a prayer.


Elder Turner