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Weeks 102-103 | I’m Coming Home, In’N’Out Double Double Please, and I loved Conference.

October 1
This week Wyatt sent photos and a couple of quick emails responding to my question… “What do you want to do when you get home? Anything special?”

In his response you can tell he hasn’t been speaking much English lately, he mixes up words. Petition (Spanish?) = Request (English).

I only have one petition and that is that we eat In N Out for lunch on Tuesday and that you guys cook steak at home for dinner on Tuesday night. Other than that I’m down for whatever. I LOVED General Conference soooooooooooooo much. I loved Elder Eyring’s talk in Priesthood session. I loved Elder Nelsons talk on the Book of Mormon.   I  loved Uctdorf’s talk. The two big themes I got out of Conference were Service and the Study of the Book of Mormon. I’m doing great and having a way good time just trying to work my hardest and do my best. Sorry for not like sending a letter but I promise to tell you all the stories when I get home.

Love you. Seebs.

And an email to Dad:

Dear Dad,

Please do not kiss me on the cheek when I get home, hahaha. I absolutely loved conference soooooooo much! I love President Eyring’s talk; he is just so humble that one can feel it even through the TV in a foreign country. I loved Elder Nelson’s talk as well about the BOM, and one of my biggest goals for when I get home is to never go a single day without reading the Book of Mormon. It’s easy here, but I think it will be a bit more complicated there. Uchtdorf’s talk rocked; the goal is to return to the heavenly home. Service is key. Callister killed it in his talk about Joseph Smith and Elder Anderson explained that conference doesn’t matter if we don’t take it into our lives. I also loved Elder Mayne’s talk in the Priesthood Session. It made me think of our home.

This week, we also found a twenty-year-old guy that was looking for the truth. He said us knocking on the door was an answer to his prayers and that he didn’t need any further witness. He straight up asked to be baptized. Sadly, he will be baptized the week after I go, but it’s alright.

I was studying Alma 42 the other day and I had various impressions come to mind. here are some of them:

  • The BOM clarifies that being good isn’t enough, a doctrine many scholars of the bible don’t understand.
  • The importance of true repentance can only be truly understood in the full context of the Plan of Salvation.
  • The essence of repentance is found in the making, renewing, and keeping of covenants.

I love the Book of Mormon and its clarity and doctrinal perfection. I’m working hard and focussed on the now, but also excited for what lies ahead.

Love you guys.

October 9th – the last emails.

Hey Mom, Thanks so much for the letter. I’ll be sure to print off those questions and write them out in my journal. The investigator’s name is Arturo and yea he will be getting baptized after I get home. But it’s all good and he’s wayyyyyyyyyyyy cool.

Well I’m not to sure what else I can say. I’m grateful for all the time you have spent these last two years writing me these letter and sending all these pics. It has always been one of the highlights each week of my mission. I can’t wait to get home and to have fun and do all the things I now wish I would have done before, hahaha. But yea I’m just happy and grateful to have been able to serve and am happy and grateful for all that the Lord has given me – above all for sending His Son.

Love you guys a ton. I’ll see you all soon.

Dad, That’s cool that you were able to read a bit of “The Fourth Missionary” with Slade. I remember our talks the last few nights about giving blessings and stuff and they have become a sacred memory for me. I’m excited for the deep doctrine conversations when I get home. I would be more than stoked to go do a temple session in Spanish in San Diego with you and Slade. It’s so cool to have the perspective in two different languages.

Ahhhhhh hahahah I cannot wait to get into my car (Swaggon)and start her up hahahah. I’m so excited. I miss just like driving and stuff like that hahah.

It’s so true. The preparation as celestial being starts now. It made me think of a scripture that is in Alma 41: 14:

“ Therefore, my son, see that you are merciful unto your brethren; deal justly, judge righteously, and do good continually; and if ye do all these things then shall ye receive your reward; yea, ye shall have mercy restored unto you again; ye shall have justice restored unto you again; ye shall have a righteous judgment restored unto you again; and ye shall have good rewarded unto you again.”

I love the Book of Mormon. Thanks for all the love and inspiration you have given me over these past two years. I was always anxious to read you letters. They have lifted me up when I was down and given me strength in time of weakness. I love you and will for ever cherish these conversations. Thanks so much for the letters and for all that you guys do. Ii can’t believe it’s almost over and that I’ll see you guys in a week. Tell everyone I love them see you soon.

Love, Elder turner

Elder Wyatt Turner

Our pensionista fixed us a great meal.  We visited some cool ruins.

More Pictures on site

Week 100-101 | 23 Months, Finish Strong, and Loving the Work

We had a great week. We had the two baptisms and they were awesome. I’m sending photos in another email. We should have some more baptisms aswell before I head home. I’m not to sure what to write to be honest. I’m just working hard and giving it my all until the end. it feels like weird but OKl. The wierdest is when people ask me how long I have been in peru for and I realize I have been here 23 months; I usually just say i have been here for a bit more than a year, lol. But I can honestly say we are working hard and seeing fruits. I’m not trunky. I am a bit nervous to go home, but it should be chill. I just hope they give me a dope Ward calling so I can be super busy.

Exerpt from letter to Mission President

Hola Presidente,
Wow this has been a super cool week for us as always. This week we had two baptisms! Saturday we had the baptism of Roxanna. She is single mom that we me about a month ago and had been passing a ton of problems in these past few months. It was cool to see that these trials in her life had prepared her to receive the gospel. She was truly Poor of Spirit. She is going to be a great strength for the ward and is already inviting others to “come and see.”

We also had the baptism of Edwin who recently had married a less active member. He passed through a lot of disappointment and problems to be able to be baptized. I knew he was ready for baptism because of the changes he had made and the dedication he had, however he didn’t seem as excited as one would imagine. I doubted and asked myself if he had truly repented, During his baptismal service, after he was baptized, he gave a powerful testimony that brought him to tears. It was a strong confirmation to me that he was ready and a reminder to never be a pessimist. It was such a tender mercy to see him in white.

We have also been able to work with members and find a ton of new people this past week…more than anything part member families who are now engaged in investigating the church. We are also working with two young adults (brother and sister) who are sooooooo chosen and are progressing like crazy. All in all it has been a week of miracles and tender mercies.

Other than that we are doing well and are loving the work. These last few weeks I want to really just finish strong and help as many people as I can. I’m striving to avoid distraction and be diligent. Thanks for all you do we love you guys a lot!

Elder Turner


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