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Week 20 | Moths In Your Mouth, Catacombs, and Awesome People

Alright, so I have decided I am never gonna leave Zona Cajamarca (the area that I am serving in.)  It’s so rad here and there is much work to be done.  It’s filled with amazing culture and awesome people.  The weather is very weird, but it is all good.  More than anything there are so many people that are close to receiving the blessings and joy of baptism or are taking other important steps in Gods path to happiness.  The mission is really pretty great right now.

Last week we went to the catacombs and the underground grave yards below the main plaza here in Cajamarca.  It was incredible and I’m way bummed ‘cuz I didn’t have my camera.  But yea, you enter this wayyyy old church and there are these tunnels that go down there; it’s pretty indescribable.  Lots of Culture.  Also, today we are headed to Cumbemayo, which I am way stoked about.  Look it up if you can.  But yea, lots of great stuff to do here on P-Day.

This week was my companion, Elder Dorado’s, birthday.  For like two days, every visit we went to they gave us a cake.  We probably have enough cake in our room to last us until my birthday.  Just thinking of cake makes me sick.  Even after fasting all day yesterday, I wasn’t down for any but yea, it’s all good.


The other night we spent like 20 minutes trying to kill this moth that got into our room right as we were about to go to sleep.  But we were lazy and decided to give up after a bit and just leave it till morning.  About 3 hours later, I woke up and the moth was in my mouth, batting its wings trying to fly.  I spit it out and then killed it for good this time.  It totally sucked (no pun) but its chill because I am sure it will make for a solid memory.

So this week we had two baptisms fall through.  As you can imagine, it was a bummer.  However, due to some last-minute conflicts, it ended up just being better for them to postpone it for a few weeks.  I am happy, though, that they both still have way strong testimonies and continue to have great desires to be baptized.

In general, the work right here is going great.  We found a new family last week that is just the best.  They want a gospel lesson like every day of the week and they are progressing towards becoming members fast.  The other day we had a lesson with them and they told us how, ever since we started teaching them and  they began applying the principles we discussed, their home “has just been better.”  Not only are they happier and more united as a family, their actual home feels different.  It is more comfortable and brighter.  The very best part about missionary work is seeing the true gospel of Jesus Christ bless and change lives.  One of my very favorite families here has become, for me, the greatest testament of Christ’s power to change.  Before, they were always separate, always fighting.  The father was drunk constantly and out fighting in the street.  Pretty much, this was their family life.  But, with a little help from the missionaries and a lot of help from God, they are now a happy, calm family.  They are united and the father leads as an example with love.  The gospel really can change live.  The fullness of the Restored Gospel can change lives eternally.

Sé qué este es la verdadera y la unica Iglesia y contiene el plentitude del Evangelio de Jesucristo.  Es la única manera que nosotros podemos tener todo la felicidad que El Señor ha preparado para nosotros.  Él ama a sus hijos mucho aquí en Cajamarca Perú y me encanta esta Iglesia.

No sea tonto.  Seebs.

Elder Turner

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Extras from Emails:

  • My fav new fruit is granadilla.  Fruit feels like snot but tastes way good.  Hahaha!
  • DSC01114

  • Got my package and I loved the shirt (I sent him an In N Out shirt) and the book and the other stuff.  Thanks so much.
  • Pictures sent to us on Facebook from Peru: One is in the house of a recent convert/investigators with their whole family and the other is in our pensionista’s house.  She is the wayyyyyyy short one and she is like the best.  I think she sent them to Dad on Facebook.  The two families are both wayy rad  and my pensionista is like the best.

Week 15 | A “Vaconaso” Dream, Guacamole and More Cuy

Wow, I can’t believe I am writing another letter already.  Time is going by way fast, but yea another “vaconaso” (Peruvian slang for ‘rad’) week here in the “marked box” (Cajamarca.)

To start off, it started raining like 3 days ago and it hasn’t stopped.  It’s been like a a big storm.  Hail, rain, lightening, and thunder all day and night.  On Saturday, there was a legit solid 15 minutes of straight thunder.  Like 15 minutes of the loud shaking sound with out ever a little break.  It reminded me a little bit of the storms a Lake Powell, just worse.  The first day the rain, hail, and wind were terrible and all of the avocados on the tree in our little courtyard fell off.  It’s like we are walking in a bit of guacamole every time we leave. he storm was way bad again on Saturday night / early Sunday morning and I guess lightening struck the wrong place or something because when we woke up, our whole side of the city didn’t have electricity.  If you remember, the shower that electrocutes me needs power to heat the water.  Soon, yea, that was a bummer to wake up to Sunday morning.  All the members showed up to church a solid 30-45 minutes late.  The storm still hasn’t stopped, but I am hoping we are nearing the end of it, because walking around wet and cold kinda sucks.  But yea, it’s chill ‘cuz more people let us into their homes.

Some other rad things that have been going on:

  • I had Cuy or Guinea Pig again and I had my camera this time, lol.  It continues to be a bit complicated to eat but yea, it was dank.
  • Our neighbors have this dog that must be like 20 years old or has broken every bone in its body because it s dying and it is the most annoying thing ever.  All day and all night it’s whining and barking.  I feel bad for it, but at the same time, I kinda want to sleep. It’s chill, everything has its purpose.
  • The other night, during one of the worst rainfalls, we were way late for an appointment and as we were rushing to it, we came across a block in our road.  All the rain had filled the street we had to cross, literally turning it into an ankle-deep river.  There wasn’t another way around it, so we just walked though it.  My shoes, socks, and pants got drenched.  I was so mad, hahaha, but I am all happy now and it will make for a classic memory.
  • We changed Pinchonistas (the lady who cooks all our food), for the month of February to Hermana Fresia Alvarez.  She is a way rad member from our ward.  I’m stoked cuz our old pinchonista didn’t really feed us much and Hermana Fresia is the bomb and cooks dank food.  Spiritually, their family is even radder!

The work is so great right now.  We are teaching so much and are blessed to have so many rad people that truly want to know the truth.  One lady that we have been meeting with has gained the strongest testimony I have ever seen in an investigator of the Church.  The key is that she wants to know for herself if these things are true and then acts accordingly.  The other night, the day before we were going to teach her about “The Gospel of Jesus Christ” and specifically the principle of baptism, she had a dream.

In her dream she was watching from afar as people entered one by one into a river and were put under the water, then brought back up, by a man that seemed to be shining.  After the people left the water, they too were shining.  She wanted more than anything to shine like these people.  So, she too entered the water and when she came back up out of the water she felt a joy, “that words cannot describe.”  She recounted this dream to us and said that she didn’t totally understand it, but knew it was from God.  She said she would give anything to feel how she felt in her dream.

That day we taught the true manner of baptism for the remission of sins, how Christ was baptized by immersion, or in other words, completely under the water, by John the Baptist.  John didn’t have years of biblical study or religious degrees, but he truly had the Priesthood authority of God and the right to baptize.  I love the mission.  I love to bring this “joy, that words cannot describe,” to people.  I love Peru.  I wake up every morning grateful and excited for what the day will bring.  Always be happy!  Always be grateful!

Elder Turner

Extras from Elder Turner this week:

  • I’m so good right now.  Happy, with a kind of energy to help me work.  I love it more than anything.
  • Three nights in a row I have had vivd dreams of surfing, hahaha.
  • Miss you guys a lot.  Tell everyone “hi” for me.
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