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Week 19 | Service, Falling Couches and Getting Soaking Wet

So I bet you guys can’t guess how this week was, cuz it’s always different, but yea, this week was rad.  A lot of crazy random things happening but a great week.

To start off, it’s still raining here in Cajamarca.  When it’s raining I only want it to be clear skies and hot, and when it’s clear skies and hot, I only want clouds and rain.  The weather is way bipolar here.  It is like the entire sky is a waterfall one second and then the next I am sweating to death.  It’s kinda annoying but, I love it.

This week we have had a lot of service project and activities, which is my favorite thing second only to teaching.  We have been helping a lot of people move.  A bit of cleaning and a bit of farming prep.  But of all the service the missionaries did this week, I think the thing that we all will remember most is a sofa falling two stories on Elder Logan’s head.  I guess they were lowering the sofa from the window of the second story with bad rope or soothing and yea, it fell and split open Elder Logan’s head.  But he’s all good now.  He went to the hospital for a bit and got some stitches, but mentally he is still all good.  There really is this rad form of protection when you are on the mission.

Also, this week I got way stoked cuz our pinchionista, the lady who cooks all of our food, made up a big plate of “Pollo a la Brasa” (which is my favorite thing to eat here) with french fries and other stuff, but I ate like half of a chicken and it was a bit too much to eat at 9:00 at night and I ended up throwing it up like three times that night and woke up the next day way hungry.  That was a bummer.

Manolo's surprise wedding

Manolo’s surprise wedding

What wasn’t a bummer was the Sister Missionaries baptism this week.  His name is Manolo and he is so great.  we were fortunate to get to work with him a bit and to get to know him.  He is such a cool dude and more than anything he has such a strong testimony.  After the actual baptism, when he was climbing out of the font and I handed him his towel, he gave me and my companion a big hug (and got our suits soaking wet) and said that “one can just feel it, that God is pleased and that through Christ all is possible.”  So, that was probably the highlight of my week.

We have had some struggles lately with the ward here and different things but the Lord keeps the work moving forward.  We have plans for two more baptisms this next week with two people who have been working for this since before I even arrived in this area.  I have watched the spirit work miracles in their lives and can truly see how much Christ loves them.

We are teaching so many people right now that I can see becoming strong members of the Church.  In a lesson we had last week, I saw a man who has been to every church you can think of looking for the truth finally understanding that a simple prayer can answer his doubts.  I have watched another family, who barely had enough money to put food on the table, receive the blessing of paying tithing.  People have come up to us on the street saying that they just “feel” they need to talk to us.  The work is so rad right now and people are truly finding the fullness of joy the Lord has prepared for them.  I love it here, and even though it is Christ that has done everything for them and prepared this happiness for them, I love being a part of the work.  I love the mission and I love Cajamarca, Peru.  I miss skating and the beach and my family, but I am having the best experience ever.  The sky is blue and the church is true.


Elder Turner

(This week Wyatt forgot to take his camera to the internet cafe where he goes to write home each week, he borrow a few pictures from his companion.)


How do you and dad only have your 5th anniversary but I’m 18????  Ley de Castidad. hahaha.  But for real, congrats you guys are the best and I miss you so much. Thanks for birthing me and being the best parents ever. The mission has made me realize my many blessings and I love it.  Tell everyone I love them so much and tell them how much I love the work. …I’m always praying for you guys and can feel your prayers for me.  Till next week.

Pics: Manolos surprise wedding after his baptism.  Literally no one knew it was going it happen.  It its was rad!

Week 7 | Cajamarca – 8 Hour Bus Ride from Trujillo

Hola from Cajamarca,

So this has been, by far and away, the raddest week of my Mission so far.   We arrived in Trujillo late at night on December 1, 2015.   We were greeted by President and Sister Marler, along with the 2 missionaries that are the Assistants to the President.   We loaded up and headed off for the Mission Home.  On the way, we stopped for a few minutes at the Trujillo Temple.  This is fosh (for sure) my new favorite temple.  It’s huge.  It looks so beautiful and you can feel the spirit way strong just being near it.  Also, I love President and Sister Marler; they are the best and are way nice.  We got there late so we had only a short meeting then we all crashed at the Mission Home.  The next day we woke up and headed to the Chapel (called the California Stake Center, it must be on California street) for a meeting and information stuff.  We had lunch at the Mission Home, which was the best meal I’ve had in a month and a half, then returned back to the Chapel to be assigned our new trainer companions and our areas.

My new training compañion is Elder Dorado and our area assignment is Cajamarca, Atahualpa Ward.  Elder Dorado is way great.  He is from Bolivia, Sucre and has been serving for about a year.  He is way spiritual, way organized, and way funny.  I’m stoked to have him and I think we are gonna do way good together.  He is a great teacher as well, which is good, ‘cuz I need to learn a lot (LOL).  Also, I’m going to teach him English.

Elder Turner y Elder Dorado in Cajamarca

Elder Turner y Elder Dorado in Cajamarca

As for Cajamarca, my new area, it is the best place in the whole Mission.  We took an 8 hour bus ride to get to the actual city.  Over the 8 hour bus ride, the ground changed from rocks and dirt to big green mountains.  The last 4-5 hours of the bus ride were switch-backs up these huge green mountains.  It was so rad to see how these people lived and farmed.  They all used the famous Inca method of carving steps into the mountains all up and down to have enough flat area to grow food.  Although it was the coolest bus ride of my life, it was also one of the sketchiest.  There was always one side of the road that was like a 10,000 foot drop and for whatever reason the bro that was driving loved to put the bus right in the middle, almost completely taking up both lanes.  It’s chill though, I’m still alive.  Once you get to the top of the mountains there is a big old valley that Cajamarca sits in. They are super into their culture up here and have tons of Inca ruins and other stuff.

It is almost summer here, which means rainy season for Cajamarca.  It rains about every day, but usually not for too long.  Also, we get hail storms!  For example, the other day while we were walking to an appointment it started dumping these “Peanut M&M” size pieces of ice for a solid 30 minutes, then it just stopped and became sunny again.  The weather is weird, but I like it.  Barely anyone has cars up here and instead the people all just take the “moto-taxis,” which are pretty much just three-wheeled motorcycles with a bench seat in the back and a plastic body/shell to cover everything.  There are like a million of the moto-taxis and we use them pretty much every day.  Some other things about Cajamarca… There are stray dogs everywhere, and I mean everywhere.  The showers here are heated electrically from an add-on on the shower head, which means that if you bump it, or any other part of the main shower, while showering, it electrocutes you.  The showers here have no chill. There are a lot of small buildings and lots of dirt-floor shacks.  There is a lot of poverty but the people are happy and so am I.



My first full day in Cajamarca we actually got a new apartment and moved.  We are now more in the center of our area and right across the street from our new pinchonista.  She owns a little cafe and feeds us just about every meal.  It was kinda a hectic day but it’s all good now.

The church is pretty strong here and the members are awesome.  They have such strong testimonies and truly strive to live like Christ.  I love the members and my ward here.  They are great and strong in their faith, it’s just that sometimes (actually a lot) they seem to forget about meetings and stuff, but its chill and they are rad.

The missionary work here is great.  The people are friendly and easy to talk to (except for the fact that I’m not fluent in Spanish, but it’s chill).  We proselyte from 2-8:30ish every day.  At the end of each night I’m usually way tired, but I am still just so stoked to go out and serve.  I don’t exactly understand how, but I totally love it.  “Only good days in Perú!”

Elder Turner

© 2018 Elder Wyatt Turner

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