Peru MTC

Wyatt will be in the Peru MTC or Missionary Training Center for 6 weeks. He will learn Spanish and how to teach others about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There are about 125 Missionaries in the Peru MTC at a time. Missionaries from all over the world that will be serving in Peru and Bolivia […]

Leaving Orange County

We gathered at the John Wayne Airport to say goodbye to Elder Turner. He was so ready to get on that Airplane and get to Perú.

Cajamarca | 1st Area

Cajamarca is Elder Turner’s first assigned area.  Wyatt got to Cajamarca on December 2, 2015.  He will serve in Cajamarca – Atahualpa for at least 6 weeks while he is trained by Elder Dorado.  Cajamarca is about 8 hours by bus from the Mission Home in Trujillo.