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Week 27-28 | Dragging Cows and Trials of Faith

Alright, it has been a little while since I have been able to write a solid letter because of how crazy it’s been.  But like I have finally found a little time.  Anyways, this week has been amazing.  Some really cool experiences, some trials of faith, and lots of miracles.  Chota is the raddest place on Earth, and it’s even better being here as a missionary.

Visiting Ilda out on her "campo."

Visiting Ilda out on her “campo.”

A cool experience from this week was going out again to visit Sister Ilda in the “palma” (the equivalent to boondocks).  As always, the little combi-bus ride was rough, but we got there all fine, and we received just a little tender mercy… it wasn’t raining.  Rain makes it really hard to get to Ilda’s house.  But yeah, no rain.  When we got there, we asked if we could help her with anything, like washing dishes or something.  When she said yes, the last thing I was expecting was to have to walk her cows and bulls up a mountain to another valley to feed.  These things were huge and dumb and so stubborn.  It was just way fun though, hahaha.  I don’t know how, but Sister Ilda would just walk normal with them and the beasts would follow her.  Mine just wanted to do whatever they wanted to do regardless of my firm encouragements.  Really confusing, LOL. (This must be a parable about parenting.)  Then Ilda served us enough rice, potatoes and cheese to feed all of Chota.  My stomach always gets wrecked after eating with her, but yeah that’s the way it goes.  The raddest part was that she asked us to visit one of her nearest neighbors who was having some trials.  We walked 30 minutes up and over a mountain and finally got to this beautiful little family.  We weren’t there too long with them, but it was just so cool to see Sister Ilda, even in her little “campo”, wanting to share the gospel with those around her.

A beautiful place to live.

A beautiful place to live.

Some other bad things from this week, I saw a pig that legitly look like a bear.  It was so big and so jacked.  I really thought it was a bear for a second, LOL.  Also, we ate Pollo a La Brasa 5 nights in a row this week.  It is so good, the best thing to eat here in Chota cuz there’s not much.  But I’m pretty sure it’s terrible for you, but it’s chill- I’m still skinny.  Also I saw this little car going to Tacobamba, which is 2 hours from Chota, and it had to live sheep like just tied with straps to the roof.  Peru is just so awesome!

But this has really been such a rad week, not only like dragging cows around, but with awesome spiritual experiences.  To start, the branch president’s wife, who isn’t a member came to church this week and we had two incredible lessons with her in her home, which truly is such a miracle.  She has worked the missionaries for years and never had any desire to change or commit to anything.  But these past few weeks, we have seen such a big change in her.  God knows what he wants for her.  We love her so much.

Got the cows back up the mountain.

Got the cows back up the mountain.

Chota is so strange.  With every week, we see so many things get better and better.  We have more and more spiritual lessons, more and more people tell us they have gained testimonies of the Savior’s gospel and we see more and more miracles.  The work here still lacks a lot though.  The members need to come to church and they do not always.  But Heavenly Father knows what he is doing and what he wants from Chota and my companion and I are working how he wants us to, so we are not too worried.  He is in control, hahaha.  Really it is something special.  I love Chota.  I love being a missionary.  I wake up every day just so stoked.  I love how the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes people and mostly how it has changed me.

Seebs till next week, send me Baja Fish Tacos!

Elder Turner

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Week 24 | Visit to Ilda, Inka Mamas Insight and I Loved General Conference

Alright, so Chota is so great. We had a way cool week, this week.  Saw some pretty cool places, taught some really rad people, got to listen to General Conference, learned A LOT, grew my testimony, and once again learned that, as missionaries, we have to do literally all that we can… Chota is going to be what the Lord wants, when he wants it.

For P-Day (preparation-day) this week we went on another rad hike to a little lake in the mountains above Chota.  The people here say it is cursed and that it “eats” the people that go swimming in it, but really it just has gnarly quicksand at the bottom.  Like always, it started to rain and we got straight soaked, lol.  It was fun though because Chota is just like the most beautiful place in the whole world.

Another rad thing that happened this week was that we got to go and visit sister Ilda.  She is a way solid member here.  She is just this nice lady that lives with her husband up in the mountains, like an hour and 15 minutes (30 minutes in bus and 45 minutes hiking) away from the church house and the City of Chota.  Despite the distance, she comes to church faithfully each week.  Her home is on a mountain side in one of the most green parts around here.  They are just the nicest family ever!  She is so committed and strong in the gospel.  Her father recently passed away and she just needed a little spiritual comfort.  We had a powerful lesson on the Plan of Salvation and the spirit straight up ministered to her.  It was just an overall incredible experience.


Hiking to Ilda’s house in mountains by Chota. A 45 minute hike to get there.

Some other things that have been happening …

  • I saw a pig the size of a horse.
  • I ate Pollo a la Brasa 3 times this week (it’s the best thing in all of Peru aside from cuy.)
  • I spoke with a sheep. (He gives no explanation on this… ??)
  • I started reading Jesus the Christ again (best book ever.)
Ilda Cooking in her kitchen

Ilda Cooking in her kitchen

This week was full of spiritual experiences as well.  As a companionship we had a super cool and powerful fast.  We decided to fast for just a few specific things that we need.  It is amazing, because we have already started to see the fruits of our fast.  Fasting works! Also this week we got to meet some rad new people the Lord has put in our path, people with such an honest desire to follow Christ, but don’t know how, so we are going to teach them.  We saw a lady and her grandchild open up their hearts to us and the Spirit.  Also, we have had some super rad lessons.  One with the only other “gringo” in all of Chota.  He is super awesome.  He’s Norwegian, but speaks like almost perfect English.  It is so cool though he has changed a lot, like I mean a lot.  The Lord has been preparing him and his family a bunch to receive the restored gospel.  He came to all of General Conference and was not only there but listened intently.  He liked it a lot and was spiritually touched.  He especially like Elder Uchtdorf’s talk in the Sunday session, partly because he likes that he’s another European guy, but more because he too has seen the power of God reconstruct cities and reconstruct his life.

Romario, a ward member in Chota.

Romario, a ward member in Chota.

To end, I just want to talk about how wonderful General Conference was.  I love hearing the prophet, the apostles, and the other leaders of the Church.  All of the sessions were so rad but the talks that really hit me were;

I love being a missionary.  I love it here in Peru, especially in Chota.  If there are two things I’ve learned so far, one is that Inka Mama’s isn’t real Peruvian food and two that Christ truly leads this church.  (If you haven’t read the Book of Mormon yet, reach out to your Mormon friends and ask, today!)

Seebs until next week,

Elder Turner

© 2018 Elder Wyatt Turner

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