Dang, I love the mission. Another waaaaaaaay rad week. Lots of way rad stuff going on right now.

To start off, the Fiesta’s finally ended and we are going to be able to find people in their homes again! It was a bit hard to get things done last week because of the fiestas and stuff, but yeah, we are past all of that now. Proselyting is my favorite and it’s best when you can just go out and not worry about anything.

This week, we were able to meet President and Sister Marble and they are so rad! I really love President and Sister Marler (previous mission president) and, I’m not going to lie, I was kind of worried about having a new president and stuff. But, from the first second I saw them, I just got the strongest confirmation in my heart that Heavenly Father had truly chosen them to take control of this great work here and now. I know that they are supposed to be here and I love them. Saturday afternoon we got to just spend some time to get to know them. They are way chill and way nice. They are from the Celestial Kingdom,(California), but I’m not sure exactly where. He is a dentist and I forget what she worked in. It’s cool cuz they both are returned missionaries. Sister Marble served in Germany. President Marble served his mission here. It’s pretty rad cuz, when he served his mission in Peru, it was all a single Mission (now Peru has 11 separate missions). Also, President Marble spent a lot of time in outer Trujillo, which is my mission areal. Pretty much he was called to the same Mission as where he served as a regular Elder years ago. They are the best though.. I’m way stoked to be able to be here with them.

Some other bits from this week…

  • I got bit by a spider or something on my face and got a nasty rash thing, but I got some cream and now I’m chillin’.
  • Got my birthday package and am stoked on the American goodies.
  • After Sacrament Meeting on Sunday, President Bautista the Branch President got up to the pulpit and announced that everyone would sing “Happy Birthday” to me as I stood at the pulpit. (Pres. Bautista is a recent convert.) I argued that the chapel was not the place to celebrate, but they refused to let me escape and they took me outside and continued singing. Hahaha, they are all rad.


This week the Lord has guided us so much in our work here. We have seriously been able to meet and teach many new chosen people. We were able to find and teach the mother of this 8 year old kid that always comes to church. She bore to last testimony of how she has seen the simple gospel teachings change her young son. She told us how she was a single mom and never really supplied her son with the spiritual nourishment she felt that he needed. She expressed her gratitude for what the primary was teaching him and told us how she had read every paper, pamphlet, and book that the primary has sent home with her son. She then told us of her desire to come to church as well, to learn and be an example for her son. She asked if that would be “okay”. The Lord has prepared so many people for us here in Chota, we just have to go out and find them.

President Marble brings a new spirit and excitement with him. He has given me new ideas for the work here, just by the words of his humble testimony. I love it here. Although I love learning a new language and culture, meeting new people and exploring distant places, I’m really only here for one reason, to share the Restored Gospel and to help people find happiness in this life and in the life to come. That’s really why I’m here. Everything else is just little blessings on the side. I love this work and I love my Savior. Do the little things and don’t be dumb. Enjoy your 4th of July BBQ, cuz I’m here enjoying my 4th of July … chicken and rice.


Elder Turner

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