So I haven’t sent a letter in a few weeks, but I assure you that everything is still going great here. The past few weeks have been weird though.

To start off, we got to help sister Alexandra and Sister Anai, kill, clean, prepare, and cook some Cuy ( Guinea Pig.) They are supposedly considered the cleanest of animals that you can eat. They were pretty dirty. After killing and gutting them, you throw some salt on them and hang them out to dry for an hour or two. Then you throw them in a pot of oil over a fire,then throw them over some rice and potatoes ( what a surprise) and eat. Like, it’s not too bad but I’m pretty sure there is more meat in my right index finger than there is on an entire guinea pig. They love it here and they eat it as a delicacy.


These past few days have been winter vacation here in Peru so everyone left Chota to go travel…literally everyone left. In church this Sunday we had 18 people. 2 missionaries (us), 6 investigators, and 10 members, 2 of which were just visiting from Chiclayo. It was pretty funny though. We gave the talks in Sacrament Meeting, then we taught both second and third hour classes. I love it here, hahaha, It teaches you how to think quick on your feet.


We have had some rad experiences this week. This week President and Sister Marble came up to Chota. They are both so awesome. We were able to talk with them a little bit and to have interviews with the President. He has a great desire for the mission and for Chota. I love them both so much.

This week we had a member tell us that she wanted us to meet a friend. Like any missionaries, we gladly accepted and made plans the next day to visit. As we were walking down the next day, she began to tell us about her friend that we were headed to meet. She told how she was really nice, humble, one of her best friends, and a ton of other compliments. We got there, knocked on the door and the mom came and answered and invited us in. We sat down and waited as the member went to get her friend from her room. About 10 minutes later the member came around the corner pushing a wheelchair with a young girl, stricken with physical limitations but with a smile from ear-to-ear. We had a Spirit-filled lesson and shared some stories Then we went on our way. I had thought a bit about why the member didn’t mention anything about the girl’s sickness or physical disabilities in those 20 minutes when she was telling us all about her. But I’ve come to realize that the member didn’t say anything because it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter to the member and it doesn’t matter to the Lord; she is the same in his eyes-no less than any one of us. It was such a cool experience for me. Through our physical state may be different, our spiritual identity is one of equality and God-ship; we are his children and everyone of us can become like him.


God loves us so much. I see his hand every day. Happiness is the goal and it’s offered to all of us. Rad week! Seebs. Don’t not be chill.

Elder Turner

Also: This week I studied these three verses in Alma 34:15-17 and a talk given by Elder Robert E. Wells from like 20 years ago. Pretty much when we wonder how faith we need to have to be saved, it is clear that we only need enough faith to truly repent. We do not need to move mountains or stuff but only to truly repent. Faith unto repentance. Its way rad. Haha. Well love you lots. Tell everyone I say “Hi”.

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