I knew u guys were gonna get new tortoises, hahahah. They are so rad . I remember when Tiny Torpedo was that size. I love Sundays too. It’s hard sometimes cuz you come out of the sacrament so like ready to work and recommitted to give it your all then the next day is P-day and the majority of the time we aren’t even proselyting and sometime I get distracted and forget. But the sacrament is very sacred for me. Im looking back into my life to try to repent of all that I’ve done. I desire to be clean more than anything. Repentance is a gift and I’m so grateful for it. There is nothing that can stand in the way of me being clean and doing Heavenly Father’s will. I would sacrifice anything for him. I’m happy to be here and to serve and to have parents that understand it too.

Wow mavericks hair is long hahah. Don’t cut it before i get home lol. My hair is always so short it’s gonna be weird to grow it out a bit after, lol.

I’m happy Jed finally finished his driver test. Tell him he can drive my car but if he brakes it he buys it. Nah, just tell him not to brake it. I think it needs to be re registered too. OH YA AND MY DRIVER LICENSE IS TOTALLY EXPIRED SINCE MY B-DAY. PLEASE CHECK ON IT SO THAT I CAN DRIVE WHEN I GET HOME. PLEASEEEEEE.

Our home was the best and if I didn’t learn something, it was my own fault. Don’t worry, one day when I’m a general authority, I will talk about all that I learned at home. Most of the problems that attack the home are things you guys can’t even filter out. But I loved my time at home and stuff and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I’m just looking for ways to be better each week and fix anything that I need to fix. Know that I love you guys and that I know this church and the Gospel of Jesus Christ are true. Seebs

Letter to Dad:

Hey Dad thanks for the letter. This has been a cool week for us here.
Remembering is the key. I just finished the Book of Ether in my personal reading and pretty much every war problem and rebellion that happened among that people was because their leaders did not remember. They forgot what they had promised the Lord they would do and they forgot what the Lord had done for them in the past. They key is to always remember.

And yes inspired questions are key. They other day president had me do a practice in front of the whole zone on a teaching point and, when I asked a yes or no question, he pause the practice then roasted me for not asking an inspired question. He did it to teach that inspired questions help people learn and more than anything I think it helps people realize and come to know that this stuff is REAL.

I’m happy to be here right now. It’s weird how fast time flies by, so I’m just making the most of it. I’m kinda scared to come, home but it’s good…whatever.

Love you guys a ton and see ya soon!

August 28

Email to President:

Hola Presidente,
Wow this has been a great week here for us. We have seen many miracles and are being led by the spirit to those who the Lord is preparing. This week, we have been able to find a ton of people who truly desire to come unto Christ and know if these things are true. We decided that the family of five that we have been working with are gonna need a bit more time and today we have a cita with them to be able to set a new fecha and to keep helping them until they get to the waters of baptism. Also we were able to find a new family and they were able to come to church with us. We found another woman and were able to see here excited and reading after the first lesson. She also came to church and is preparing to be baptized the 16th of September. All in all its has been a great week.

This week we have been studying a bit about commitments and it has helped us become better PMG missionaries. It’s gonna be a focus for us for these next few weeks.

I’m doing great and we are working hard. I’m just trying to always remember. The promises. The miracles. The experiences. Everything that I have seen happen in my mission and that can happen here in this ward. Thanks for all you do and for all the help. We sure love you guys a lot.

Elder Turner

Letter to Dad:

Hey Dad,

Thanks so much for your letter. I hope you know you are my hero and that I talked about you a lot here in the mish, ahahah. This has been a great week for me. We had the opportunity to have a visit from Elder Hugo E Montoya of the First Quorum of the 70. I had two meeting with him. The first was a leadership council with him, President Marble and us 12 zone leaders and the assistants. We talked a lot about promising blessing and really acting as representatives of Christ in all places at all times and with all people. He talked a lot about correcting with love and using the priesthood to bless the live of others. The second meeting was the general mission conference. He just told stories and bore his testimony. It was like way different than what i expected but very powerful at the same time. It was very cool too cuz he tried to help us see that the general authorities are regular people with the same calling as us. But you could see the difference. What made the difference between him and others was that he was completely consecrated to the Lord’s work and loved him. It was cool. I came out of there with the determination to look into my life and find what I lack and what I need to fix and to do it.

There have been many people here in Peru that I have been able to know and teach that have experienced the saving power of Christ. One is a man named Elio that we baptized a while back. He had had so many problems for years: drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and some other problems held him back. He had been preparing to be baptized for almost a year but had never been able to take that important step, mainly because he hadn’t ever been able to overcome his problems and fully repent of his sins. He told us of how he had struggled for months to feel worthy of baptism, but wasn’t able to reach his desired goal. It got to the point where he became so discouraged. But then, he began to think back on where he was a year ago, and he realized that, while he hadn’t achieved his goal of being baptized, he had progressed a ton. This filled him with energy and desire to keep pressing forward and ultimately to change. He didn’t realized what that energy was at the time, but now, as a baptized member of the Savior’s church, he knows it was the saving power of Christ working in him.

Imma give lots of talks to the boys when I get home hahaha. I actually read a way cool article the other day in a Liahona and I already sent it to mom but it’s cool:  Healing Hidden Wounds . I think this is the biggest problem youth face today and it’s very hard to prevent.

The boys are so funny hahah. I can wait to be with them when I get home. I often think back on the many memories we have together and together and it always brings me joy.

I love you guys so much and I know that Christ lives. I will do anything to serve him the way he has commanded me to even if it’s hard. Thanks for always being a good dad. Love you guys. Seebs