Wowsers, and it’s been another really great week. Lots of cool stuff going on, and best of all, we had General Conference.

To start off, this week is the start of the new change. I will be staying here in Central as a District Leader in Cedros. I’m also still gonna be with Elder Miessner. We kinda knew nothing was gonna change for us cuz Elder Miessner is still in his first 12 weeks of his training. The good news of changes is that Elder Mead will be coming to the Central Zone as well, lol, so I am way stoked. I am happy to be able to keep serving in Cedros.

Elder Babbel and Elder Turner

Elder Babbel and Elder Turner

This week we have worked very hard to find new people to teach. WE have been talking to everyone and have be trying to follow the promptings of the spirit. It’s coming along nicely actually, haha, and we were able to find a few new- rad families. Everyone is doing great here and we have a few people that are really progressing. Lots of miracles and we should have some baptisms in the coming weeks.

Now to talk about conference… pucha… fue la maximo. Like it was a spiritually packed weekend. I honestly loved everyone’s talk but there were a few that stuck out to me (well, a lot that stuck out)…

Like I said, I really loved all of them. I hope you all can read and re-read those talks. They are the words of the Lord.

I love it here. I am so grateful for modern revelation (if you don’t know what that is, ask my Mom or Dad to explain it.)

Life is good. Seebs.

Elder Turner

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