Thanks for the letters.  Seems like you guys are way busy.  The end of school was always the best time of year when I back home, hahahah.  Wow, they did wreck the house, hahah (we got TP’d pretty bad) but, yea, so I was watching the videos and, well, I saw my car and like I’ve only got 4 and a half months left, so I think it would be best if you just don’t sell the car cuz I kinda wanna drive it when I get back home…  (He got an offer on the “Swaggon” a few weeks ago).

So you put my name in the temple this week so that I wouldn’t get sick and, well, I got sick this week, hahahhaah.  Nah, I just got like a super bad cold + nausea and a neck rash.  I was only not proselytizing for a day though, but kinda funny, no?

Trujillo is good.  It’s starting to get a bit cooler here which is nice but it still gets pretty hot.  The zone is doing well and a lot of our investigators were baptized this month so that’s chill.   My comp and I are still doing great.  Overall it’s been a good week and my comp and I have some baptism coming up, so we will see how that all goes.

Love you guys a ton.

Dear Hudson,

Wow I can’t believe you are getting so big and are already 11 years old. You are such a cool and happy kid and I love you so much. I always talk to the people here in Peru and show them the picture of us at your baptism. When people ask me who the first person was that I baptized, I show them the picture of the two of us.

I miss you so much but I love it here in Peru. One day we are going to come back together to meet the people of Peru. I cannot believe you are going to be in sixth grade. That’s so crazy! 11-year-old scouts is the best. My favorite part was the campouts and tin foil dinners. I am way happy in Peru but I do miss moms cooking and all you guys. But it’s ok because I get to teach the gospel and help people each day. Well, have fun this summer and do everything you can. Keep being a good boy and I will see you soon. Sure love you a lot. Seebs ya later.

Seebs in 5.
Your Big Brother Elder Turner

And May 15th the day after we talked to him on Mother’s Day:

Hey Mom, thanks for the Letter.  It was great to Skype you guys yesterday.  This last skype felt a lot different that my first skype, hahaha.  Its weird..  Not that I wasn’t super excited,  but,  like,  I just felt accustomed.  It was rough too cuz my comp’s family like is struggling a ton and stuff and is like kinda inactive, so he just spent his entire time bearing his testimony to his fam and asking them to go to church and stuff.  I don’t have any of those worries with you guys so like I don’t have to worry myself too much with that stuff.  I’m grateful because it allows us to just talk normally and stuff.

Love you so much.​​​​​​